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april goals and the rest of 2013….make every rep count.

it’s about that time of year where a lot of new years resolutions have been put on the back burner….yet summer is creeping up so quickly that people are wanting to look good in their swimsuits or run in that race that is only a couple months away.
as for me, i’ve completely changed my workout routine and am realizing that my motivation is still existent, yet during my actualy workouts, i give up too quickly.

time for some goals, perhaps?


Save up for a new pair of running shoes and head out the door. I keep telling myself to start running…it’s getting nicer, yet I still make up the excuses. It’s sad, but getting a new pair of running shoes will do the trick. and maybe signing up for a race so that i don’t have the excuse of not training for anything. I also might be starting a running club at work..so that will pretty much force me to. 🙂

2) Put down the bottle.
My body tends to hold on to fat like I’m going to die without the extra love handles. And what else stores fat worse than alcohol? Not a whole lot of what is in my diet. Sure, I have the occasional treat or jar of peanut butter…, but for the most part I eat very healthy and clean. I can only look to the crazy amounts of drinks I consume on the weekend for the reason I have some “extra love” around my hips & thighs. Time to say goodbye or at least limit it to 1-2 drinks 1 night a week.

3) Work on “dat ass”.
I had full intentions of really working on my glutes a while ago. I kind of stopped when I started this new workout routine I’ve been following for the past couple of weeks.
Everyday is squat day. or hill runs. or single leg squat practice. or hip thrusts. So when I turn around in the mirror, I actually see something. 😉 (Yep, that’s me being vain. It happens way too often for me to be embarassed). At least I’m not one of those people who stares at themselves while working out….are you getting anything done?

4) Unplug and read.

read a book or two. i ordered “casual vacancy” by jk rowling. that’s on my list. and to finally finish mockingjay after starting it a year go.

and for the rest of 2013….
Pistol squat

Handstand pushup

Let’s do this, 2013.

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  1. Curt
    April 4, 2013 at 8:23 am

    I am trying to get pistols down too along with bar muscle ups!

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