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how i stopped being a chickenshit

over two years ago you would’ve never seen me:
– back squat my bodyweight


– deadlift 200 lbs!


-plank with a 45 lb plate on my back.. or even hold a regular plank for more than 30 seconds 406392_1681393112702_584186448_n

– do a run that involves obstacles & mud


– power clean

or throw 85# over my head

I couldn’t have done any of this without constant motivation and help from the trainers & instructors from Performance Health & Fitness. I’m so grateful that I work for such a great place. I would’ve never even pursued a career in personal training if I didn’t start working there. & now it is my job to help people like they all have helped me. I’ve changed my lifestyle and I wouldn’t have it any other way. it’s been such a rewarding experience to see where i started and where i am today. i really was a “chickenshit.” i had absolutely no confidence in myself and now i’m beaming with it. i step into the lifting area ready to see what kind of improvements i can make each day. i’m ready to take on any race that comes my way. who is this girl?! i don’t know, but i’m loving her and who she’s becoming.
i just hope that my own journey of self love and confidence reflects on others. i want everyone to feel how i feel and am ready to help anyone that needs it. stop being scared and stop hating yourselves. you don’t know what you’re capable of until you try.

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