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2013 Goals

Looking back at my 2012 goals, I realized that I accomplished almost every. single. one. That makes me feel very well accomplished this year in more ways than one.

Most of this year has been awesome but some of it has been rough & shitty to say the least. Things happened beyond my control and I had to suck it up and deal with it. I think the hardest parts about this year were losing people close to me [not by death.] It’s always so hard for me to say goodbye. Each time they leave, I regret not spending enough time with them before they go. I guess you could say I’m a little scared to get close to anyone because I’ve had to deal with this countless times.
I’m still dealing with the hurt of my mom & stepdad’s divorce. I’m probably one of the most understanding kids any parent could have, and that’s what makes it even harder for me. As much as I want to be mad or hold a grudge, I am too understanding on both sides. That’s one thing about myself that I have a love/hate relationship with. I can honestly put myself in another person’s shoes and have a sense of what they feel and what is going on through their head in certain situations. I think that’s maybe why I never get into fights with people either. Even if I don’t agree with what a person does, I usually had a good idea of what their motive is behind it or why they did what they did. Does that make me a weirdo? Yeah, probably.

Moving on to the good things.

I kicked life’s ass this year by graduating college, getting a full time job as an ACSM certified personal trainer, ran 11 races, and found out I am not only mentally strong, but physically strong as well[thanks to my new found love of powerlifting].

I have never been so proud of myself….ever than I have this year.
I went the entire year with having less than 3 anxiety attacks[and didn’t think once about taking medication].
I have almost gotten rid of my negative self talk that used to go through my head on a daily basis.
I have been happy on most days of the year.
I have 3 amazing best friends that I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

So what’s next for 2013? I really can’t top most of those things. Life can always be improved though, right? Let’s see…


1) I made a commitment to workout 280 hours this year. So basically a little over 60 min/day 5x a week.
2) Do an unassisted pull up. This was on my 2012 goals list…and I did an unassisted chin up so I’d say that’s pretty achievable now.
3) Squat 1.5x my bodyweight. That is over 200 pounds. Right now I can squat 140# for 5 reps.
4) Maybe not do 11 races, but I’d still like to sign up for some this year.
5) Take my Siberian Husky, Akira, on walk or runs 2-3x/day for at least 20-30 minutes.


1) Drink more water.I kind of slacked towards the end of this year. I still probably drink more water than 90% of the population though. 😉
2) Eat more local & more whole foods.
3) Figure out what the heck I’m allergic to because I know it’s something.


1) Not really school anymore, but continue to extend my knowledge in all aspects of my career.


1) Get my finances in line. Now that I do have a full time job, I have everything that comes with the responsibility of having one. Money is going to be tight for everyone this year and rumor is that milk is going up to $9/gallon by the end of 2013. Time to start saving any little bit I can.

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