WLC day 1

Today marks the start of the Whole Life Challenge.

8 weeks. 56 days. i will be reflecting my views and progress as i get through this. i may not blog everyday, but i’ll try to throw in a post here & there.

if you’re trying to understand what the whole life challenge is, here’s a quick breakdown.
it’s a nationwide “game” that is summed up pretty well by this quote..

“Imagine a life where you are completely in control of how everything goes for you in your health and your fitness. A life controlled not by outside circumstances, but one guided by your commitment to being the best and healthiest you that you can be. What if you could have that life, not by forcing unworkable schedules or unsustainable practices but by getting trained to create space and awareness, to master your environment and its opportunities, doing it with fun and ease, and not having to accept anything less than the results you want?”

you focus on different aspects like nutrition, fitness, mobilization, and supplementation. you get 3 points a day for following the nutrition guidelines, 1 point for working out at least 10 minutes a day, 1 point for taking fish oil, and 1 point for doing mobilization for 10 minutes a day.
if you violate any rule, you lose a point for that category.
at the end of the entire 8 weeks..there will be a winner who has the most points. and probably has the best results.

the nutrition rules are:

No Grains or starches – including wheat, barley, oats, breads, rice (including wild rice), quinoa, pasta, potatoes, etc.

  • EXCEPTION – Legumes (beans) and sweet potatoes/yam
  • EXCEPTION — Vegetarians ONLY may consume quinoa, wild rice, amaranth, and buckwheat

No Corn or Soy (including oils)

  • EXCEPTION – Vegetarians ONLY may consume these fermented soy products – tempeh, miso, natto

No Sugar or Sweetener of any kind – including refined sugar, raw sugar, cane juice, evaporated cane juice, honey, agave, maple syrup, Truvia, aspartame, NutraSweet, sucralose, etc.

  • EXCEPTION – Stevia may be used

No Dairy including milk, cheese, buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, sour cream, etc.

  • EXCEPTION – Butter

No Alcohol, Soda, or Juice. Values for 1 point are 1 oz. liquor, 16 oz. beer, 4 oz. wine, 1 mixed drink, 12 oz. of soda, and 8 oz. of juice.

  • EXCEPTION – Lemon and lime juice

No Artificial or Processed ingredients or foods. Any non-traditional food chemical is not permitted. This prohibition includes guar gum and agar. No food that required anything other than traditional food preparation methods such as cooking, drying, or curing. Food from jars, cans, or boxes are permitted as long as their ingredients or preparation do not violate the general nutrition rules.
This is going to be extremely mentally tough for me. and i’m going to have to prepare a lot in advance for my meals. but im ready to see if this changes anything. like i’ve said before, i’m pretty confident with myself..i’m only doing this just to see what kind of results it produces. to see if, in fact, this will also help improve my fitness.

i’m not going to show my pre-measurements or my “before” photos until the entire 8 weeks is complete. just to see if there is a dramatic change. i will be keeping track on my own though weekly.

Here’s what I’ve already accomplished on day 1…


  • meal 1 – 2 eggs w/ 1 cup veggies (red peppers, broccoli, & asparagus) cooked in 1 tsp coconut oil; 1/2 banana
  • meal 2 (post workout) – protein, almond milk, peanut flour, 1/2 banana & 1/2 slice of paleo banana bread found on fastpaleo.com

Fish oil – took 2 supplements


  • I did the preliminary workout which was AMRAP 9 min of: 7 KB swings(35lb rx, but i used 25lb), 7 burpees, 50 m run. I got through 7 full rounds and it was HARD.
  • found my deadlift max – 155#..terrible. i lost a lot of strength these past few months.
  • 1 mile run 8:47 min (ran out of time otherwise i would’ve kept running)


  • foam rolled for 5 minutes before deadlifting & then 5 minutes after my mile run

So as long as I don’t screw up the nutrition the rest of the day I should be receiving the max number of points for the day. 🙂

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