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workout wednesday

As part of my whole life challenge, i am supposed to workout everyday for at least 10 minutes. most of my workouts are 45-60 minutes long so this definitely isn’t an issue for me, but it can be for most people.

as a newly certified trainer (I PASSED!), i know that one of the biggest excuses i’m going to hear is “i don’t have time.”
we, as Americans, are all about work work work. this is very detrimental to our health and it’s no wonder we, as a society, are becoming “fat & lazy.”

we don’t get nearly enough sleep, are stressed out 90% of the time, lean on convenient food for meals, and are either too tired or don’t have enough time to workout.

According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and ACSM(who I got certified through), adult should engage in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. This can be broken up into 3 separate sessions of 10 minutes. 10 minutes is QUICK! it takes some people longer to shower. i think anyone can find 10 minutes out of the day, 3 times, to get their requirements met. You’ll start to notice that you’ll feel a whole lot better after exercising and less fatigued from the amount of sleep you’ve been losing or stress you’re put under.

Today, I made up a couple different workouts that you could do easily at home without any equipment so you can get rid of the excuse of not having a gym membership. Both of these workouts are around 10 minutes long so time shouldn’t be an issue either. if you’re reading my blog, you obviously have time. now get off the internet and do it.

Push up modifications
– beginners: can either start on your knees or do push ups against a wall
– advanced: make it more challenging by lifting one leg, putting feet on a box or chair, or making it explosive by clapping your hands in between each

Squat Jump modification
– beginners: get rid of the jump and just do air squats
– advanced: add weights

Sit up modifcation
– beginners: crunches if unable to sit all the way up


side plank:plank knee to elbow:

plank shoulder taps:

bicycle crunches:

Bridge lifts:

There ya have it. Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

This is what my week in workouts looks like…

Monday – run 4 miles, 9 minute kettlebell circuit
Tuesday – strength training/powerlifting (power cleans + front squat, box jumps, military press, romanian chair sit up, back squat, eccentric chin ups, power clean off blocks, incline DB bench press)
Wednesday – run (intervals), metabolic circuits
Thursday – strength training/powerlifting
Friday – metabolic training or kettlebell
Saturday or Sunday – long run & rest


week 1 reflections

i’d say week 1 of the whole week challenge was a success for the most part.i followed the nutrition guidelines for almost the whole week. i cheated last night when i was babysitting and had a peanut butter dessert bar. it was worth it.
haven’t missed any workout points, fish oil, or mobilization.

i decided to check in on my progress and do couple measurements just to see if anything had changed in the last 7 days. well, what do ya know, it did! i was actually surprised.

i lost exactly 2 pounds and .4% bodyfat. not sure if my waist and hip measurements changed…it’s hard to really get an accurate measurement on those when you try to do it by yourself.

like i’ve said before, im not too worried about the number on the scale, but i am happy to see my bodyfat decreasing. i feel like i lost a lot of lean muscle mass when i stopped weight training and only focused on running for 3 months, and now that i’ve added it back into my routine, i will hopefully gain some of that back.

something else that i’ve noticed in the last seven days is the amount of energy i’ve had. last weekend i barely got any sleep. going into a work week of having to wake up at 4:00 a.m. nearly everyday, you’d think i’d be a zombie all week. nope. all i needed was 1 really awesome night of sleep and i’ve been in a cheery, positive, enthusiastic mood allllll week. even with working extremely long hours. it could be the food changes i’ve made, the type of workouts i’ve been doing, the fact that i don’t have to stress over my ACSM exam anymore, or being happy in other areas of my life…whatever it is, i hope it continues.

i did have one emotional day this week. thursday during my lifting session.

this is what my workout looked like..

power clean + push press
superset with i can’t remember

squat (3 sets of 8 reps)
superset with heavy single arm bent over row (3 sets of 10 reps)

close grip bench press (3 sets of 10, 8, 6 reps)
superset with reverse fly (3 sets of 12 reps)

deadlift (3 sets of 5)
superset with single arm shoulder press (3 sets of 10 reps)
i don’t know why i was so emotional.. i feel kind of dumb for saying this, but i was just upset at how much strength i lost during the last few months. but that means i can only get stronger.

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September 18, 2012 1 comment

tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week.i actually don’t mind mondays since i feel like it’s a restart button day. just getting back into the swing of things, recovering from the weekend, and everyone else is on the same page when you say “it’s monday, that’s why.”

but should fully recovered and ready to go. well, it’s the longest day of the week. nothing to look forward to except wednesday so you can say “we’re halfway through the week.” anyone else agree?

anyway…i decided to do a “two-fer-tuesday” post like paige & lisa.

2 things  i’ve been eating…

– i made turkey chili last night. it’ll last me through 3 more meals. super easy, super delicious, and WLC compliant. all i did was saute half an onion with garlic until fragrant, added a pound of lean ground turkey until brown, and added it to a large pot of diced tomatoes and 1 can of black beans. added chili powder & cumin for spice. kept the heat on medium and cooked for about 10 minutes. topped it over a bed of spinach and added diced avocado.

– i know this 2nd one doesn’t look too appetizing (it kind of fell apart on me, the lighting sucks, and i used my iphone). but i made a homemade pizza with a cauliflower crust base! i used about a cup of riced cauliflower (chop cauliflower and put in food processor), 2 tbsp coconut flour, basil, thyme, rosemary, and egg whites)..baked in a preheated oven at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes. added no sugar tomato sauce, chicken, zucchini, onions, garlic, and spinach.

2 realizations this week…

– i’ve always been a positive person. but i didn’t realize that it really did have a great effect on other people. i’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately that people enjoy that i’m always so cheerful all the time and they can always except to see me smiling which makes their day.

– i used to expect things from a lot of people. they always led me to disappointments. now things are happening without me expecting them too, and i couldn’t be happier about it.

2 random things about myself..

i dont know how to do makeup. i wish i did, but at the same time i find it extremely time consuming. all i use is mascara and eye liner..if i even put makeup on at all. 80% of the time i’m at the gym either working or working out and no sense in wearing makeup there.

– i listen to eminem during my long runs.

2 recipes i want to make NOW..

– crockpot apples from Paleomg

– M&M bars from Rachelcooks (not WLC compliant, though)

2 things i’m watching…

– Project Runway

– Big Brother

im a sucker for some reality tv shows.

Today marks Day 4 for the Whole Life Challenge. So far, I’ve been excelling in all areas. I’m excited to watch my progress as the weeks go by. The most difficult times for me will be the weekends where I will lose points if I’m not careful.

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WLC day 1

Today marks the start of the Whole Life Challenge.

8 weeks. 56 days. i will be reflecting my views and progress as i get through this. i may not blog everyday, but i’ll try to throw in a post here & there.

if you’re trying to understand what the whole life challenge is, here’s a quick breakdown.
it’s a nationwide “game” that is summed up pretty well by this quote..

“Imagine a life where you are completely in control of how everything goes for you in your health and your fitness. A life controlled not by outside circumstances, but one guided by your commitment to being the best and healthiest you that you can be. What if you could have that life, not by forcing unworkable schedules or unsustainable practices but by getting trained to create space and awareness, to master your environment and its opportunities, doing it with fun and ease, and not having to accept anything less than the results you want?”

you focus on different aspects like nutrition, fitness, mobilization, and supplementation. you get 3 points a day for following the nutrition guidelines, 1 point for working out at least 10 minutes a day, 1 point for taking fish oil, and 1 point for doing mobilization for 10 minutes a day.
if you violate any rule, you lose a point for that category.
at the end of the entire 8 weeks..there will be a winner who has the most points. and probably has the best results.

the nutrition rules are:

No Grains or starches – including wheat, barley, oats, breads, rice (including wild rice), quinoa, pasta, potatoes, etc.

  • EXCEPTION – Legumes (beans) and sweet potatoes/yam
  • EXCEPTION — Vegetarians ONLY may consume quinoa, wild rice, amaranth, and buckwheat

No Corn or Soy (including oils)

  • EXCEPTION – Vegetarians ONLY may consume these fermented soy products – tempeh, miso, natto

No Sugar or Sweetener of any kind – including refined sugar, raw sugar, cane juice, evaporated cane juice, honey, agave, maple syrup, Truvia, aspartame, NutraSweet, sucralose, etc.

  • EXCEPTION – Stevia may be used

No Dairy including milk, cheese, buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, sour cream, etc.

  • EXCEPTION – Butter

No Alcohol, Soda, or Juice. Values for 1 point are 1 oz. liquor, 16 oz. beer, 4 oz. wine, 1 mixed drink, 12 oz. of soda, and 8 oz. of juice.

  • EXCEPTION – Lemon and lime juice

No Artificial or Processed ingredients or foods. Any non-traditional food chemical is not permitted. This prohibition includes guar gum and agar. No food that required anything other than traditional food preparation methods such as cooking, drying, or curing. Food from jars, cans, or boxes are permitted as long as their ingredients or preparation do not violate the general nutrition rules.
This is going to be extremely mentally tough for me. and i’m going to have to prepare a lot in advance for my meals. but im ready to see if this changes anything. like i’ve said before, i’m pretty confident with myself..i’m only doing this just to see what kind of results it produces. to see if, in fact, this will also help improve my fitness.

i’m not going to show my pre-measurements or my “before” photos until the entire 8 weeks is complete. just to see if there is a dramatic change. i will be keeping track on my own though weekly.

Here’s what I’ve already accomplished on day 1…


  • meal 1 – 2 eggs w/ 1 cup veggies (red peppers, broccoli, & asparagus) cooked in 1 tsp coconut oil; 1/2 banana
  • meal 2 (post workout) – protein, almond milk, peanut flour, 1/2 banana & 1/2 slice of paleo banana bread found on

Fish oil – took 2 supplements


  • I did the preliminary workout which was AMRAP 9 min of: 7 KB swings(35lb rx, but i used 25lb), 7 burpees, 50 m run. I got through 7 full rounds and it was HARD.
  • found my deadlift max – 155#..terrible. i lost a lot of strength these past few months.
  • 1 mile run 8:47 min (ran out of time otherwise i would’ve kept running)


  • foam rolled for 5 minutes before deadlifting & then 5 minutes after my mile run

So as long as I don’t screw up the nutrition the rest of the day I should be receiving the max number of points for the day. 🙂

rock n roll 1/2 marathon recap

if I were to describe the Virginia Beach Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon in one word it would be: exhausting.
as awesome & fun as i thought it was going to be, it turned out to be somewhat miserable. of course i loved the scenery and adrenaline from running in a race with a ton of other people..but this was my worst race ever. 😦

the race was starting at 7 a.m. you’d think that would be early enough for the weather to be beautiful. wrong. it was already about 80 degrees and the humidity was terrible. i was sweating on the walk to where the race started. i tried to not think about the weather and just do what i do best during races: shut everything out and just run. here’s the recap from what i can recall..
miles 1-3: these flew by. i felt okay..but was already DRIPPING in sweat during the first mile. i literally felt like i jumped into a pool of water. that’s how humid it was. i knew that i wasn’t prepared – hydration wise – to deal with this, so i grabbed water at the first stop and trekked along. around mile 3 i found my mom and stepdad (they started a little bit ahead of me because i had to make a last minute run to the restroom before we started!). i ran with them for a little bit then found my usual pace and got ahead of them.
mile 4: we crossed over the water..that’s all i remember. i could tell my pace was starting to suck here and was already frustrated.
miles 5-6: i blocked these out too until i looked and saw the people who were at the very beginning already on mile 11! WHAT. they’re nuts.
miles: 7-8: my left foot started hurting and i was trying my hardest not to focus on it….so instead i just focused on my music and tuned everything out.
mile 9: i was starting to get really mad at people who would stop and walk right in front of me. okay, i don’t mind if you need to stop and’s freaking hot and im surprised i haven’t stopped to walk yet either…but if you’re going to walk, please move to the side so i don’t have to weave around you! i kept having to watch where i was going and i knew it was slowing my pace down by weaving through everyone. i about tripped over a guy’s leg who decided it’d be a good idea to just completely stop and stretch in the middle of everyone. thanks for almost making me get injured, dude.
miles 10-11: this was the hardest part of the race for me mentally. i was so fatigued, hot, dehydrated, annoyed with all the music on my ipod… i just thought about stopping and walking. but in my head i was like “NO. you trained for this race for the last 3 months. you gave up everything else to just RUN and TRAIN for this race. you are not stopping now! you are almost there!!”
mile 11.5: i saw a sign that said “it’s been long, it’s been hard. now go faster! that’s what she said.” it made me laugh. first smile during the whole race. this pushed me a little bit to go faster.
miles 12-13.1: this ended up being on the boardwalk so i got to look out at the ocean which was amazing. and there were SO many people at the finish line that it boosted my mood. i tried to push really hard during the end, but my body wouldn’t allow me. i’m usually really good at sprinting the last part, but i couldn’t. another bummer.
at the end, i was glad to be done. i just wanted it to be over the second i started.

so as you can see, this was not my best or favorite race i’ve ever done. it might have to do with the fact that i just wasn’t ready for the conditions..or the fact that towards the end of my training, i was really starting to dread and hate running. it became more of a chore to run rather than a pleasure.

even though i didn’t beat my time, i am still impressed that i didn’t give up and throw in the towel. and i am grateful for the things i’ve learned by doing this race.
yes, i still think i am a runner. but i don’t think i’m a long distance or competitive runner. i am a runner who runs when she wants, however long she wants, and how hard she wants. that’s what makes me happy about running. everything else about it makes me want to punch things.


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