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running: the good, the bad, the pretty, & the ugly.

it’s officially my last week of training for the rock n’ roll half marathon. (Virginia beach, September 2nd) this has been both the longest and fastest 12 weeks of training for my 3rd half marathon. there have been ups and downs and i’ve had quite the love/hate relationship with running.

  • if you read this post i wrote in may, then you can see how running for me has been very beneficial to my mental health. i haven’t had a full blown anxiety attack since i’ve started running..and whenever i do feel anxious, i go for a run and instantly feel better.
  • the 12 week plan i’ve been following (haven’t tracked it in a while..I’VE BEEN BUSY.)…has really helped me get faster. increasing my mileage, incorporating hills & intervals has really made my average pace a lot quicker than what it used to be. i’ve had so many PRs lately!
  • i basically can eat a lot without worrying too much because i burn a ton of calories during my long runs. (this is both good…and bad.)
  • it gives me “me” time to really think about things.


  • i couldn’t really do anything except run for my workouts. i still did kettlebells, but kept the weight low because i didn’t want to burn out. my coach constantly tells me “the only way to get better at running is to run.” this is bad for me because i LOVE weight training. sure, i like to run…but it doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as lifting heavy weights or being able to knock out pushups like its no big deal. this makes me feel more fit and i feel like i see more strength gains and muscle definition from lifting weights than from running miles on end.
  • time. so much time was devoted to running that it made me dread having to go for a run. my plan made me devote 4x a week to just running which seems okay except that the shortest run that week would be 7 miles. umm..7 miles of running on a day you work 9-10 hours does not seem too thrilling.
  • even though i felt like i could eat whatever since i was burning so many calories…i was also consuming too much. it’s summer time…it’s fun time. lots of alcohol and eating out. expecting to burn the same amount of calories i consumed didnt work because i gained 10 pounds. and not muscle.


  • since i was running so much, i wore out my ugly shoes and had to buy new ones. well, thanks to my unnecessary need for arch support, i got to pick out these hot pink sauconys.
  • since i gained 10 pounds, at least half of it went to the right places. hello boobs & butt, i don’t think we’ve ever met before…


  • running a lot = sweating a lot (especially in Iowa heat) = zits on face = not so pretty
  • blisters, blisters, blisters…plus callouses.
  • PAIN. ugh, there were just some days where my feet felt bruised, my knees ached, my quads were on fire, and my head hurt so much from thinking about having to run again the next day.

in other words..these past 12 weeks have been great…and not so great.

what i learned from this tough training schedule? ….i don’t want to train for another half marathon. at least not anytime soon.
i miss lifting, bootcamp style workouts, & running when i WANT to run..not because i have to.
but i will say that this plan made me faster, made me mentally prepare for running long distances, and gave me a lot of “me” time.

after september 2nd…it’s back to power cleans, deadlifts, bench press, squats, and snatches for this girl. and my next goal will be a PULLUP.

i love you running, but 3-4 miles is enough. after that..you kinda suck.

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  1. Mom
    August 29, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    I am kind of agreeing on the long distance runs too

  1. September 22, 2014 at 6:11 am

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