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my food philosophy

Day 9 of Jenny’s 30 day blog challenge:
What is your food philosophy?

this is actually a pretty difficult question because i don’t really have one.
i’ve had a rough relationship with food in the past and i’m still trying to recover from the damage it has done to my mind.

i would be lying if i didn’t constantly over-analyze everything i put in my mouth thinking that a piece of pizza is going to make me gain a ton of weight or even thinking that “i can eat this because i just ran 7 miles today, so i really doesn’t matter.”

it’s a struggle and i hate that it’s a struggle. i have bounced back and forth trying so many different “diets” and get frustrated when none of them work and end up going on a binge not caring and then hating every second of what i just did.
this is what i’ve tried & failed at every single one:
– vegetarian (i was actually the lowest weight on this diet, but i never exercised intensely & i ate WAY under my calorie needs)
– south beach (i got sick of trying to follow it…and working at a coffee shop was really hard to give up sugar)
– jackie warner’s “this is why you’re fat”
– paleo (i actually felt the best on paleo because i think do have gluten sensitivity, but i cannot give up my greek yogurt. it’s just not happening. and grains seem to be the best fuel for my long runs..)

– i’ve thought about going completely gluten free because i do get really bloated and fatigued from gluten…but i’d like to get tested first to see if i do have an allergy because gluten free products are super expensive.

so here’s what i’ve learned and what i am still learning about the way i do, should, and want to eat even if i don’t follow my own “rules” 100% of the time:

1) eat breakfast. with a cup or two of coffee on the side. i’m miss cranky pants if i don’t get fed right when i wake up..and even worse if i don’t have my coffee. this is why i’ll never be able to partake in intermittent fasting.

2) eat 5-6 small meals per day. great for a person who likes to eat.

3) fruits & veggies. i try to include a fruit or vegetable with every single meal i eat. i probably eat more fruit than i should, but i really don’t care. nature’s candy is a hell of a lot better than a bag of skittles.

4) avoid processed foods. i do well with this for the most part. i try to look for less ingredients in the packaged things that i do buy, but sometimes it is more convenient.

this is not food.

5) limit grains. since i have noticed the difference in the way my body feels when eating grains compared to not, i try to limit them. it’s hard because i am a carb lover, but i’d much rather feel great than be a lazy p.o.s. on the couch all day just because i ate a bowl of spaghetti.

6) limit dairy. again…i feel better and my face has less breakouts if i limit the dairy. i love my greek yogurt and cottage cheese, but i try to have no more than 1 cup of dairy a day. i am a former cheese lover as well, but now i stick to mozz or feta and stay away from anything else (unless it’s included in a dish that someone makes for me.)

7) not drinking my calories. well lately, i’ve definitely been breaking this rule due to my summer partying lately. but i haven’t drank soda in years, i don’t like juice, and i drink my coffee black 95% of the time.

there ya have it.

oh and here’s a song that i’ve been listening to 500x a day this week. can’t get enough.

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  1. July 21, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    I’ve found that my face breaks out less when I avoid dairy, too. Best of luck to you with your new goals! I know you can succeed. 🙂

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