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Eat Clean, Train Mean

Wow, I’m starting to get a hang of this posting on my blog often thing. I bet it’ll last a week and I’ll fall off the bandwagon again. [I have so much confidence, right?]

I just really wanted to share my eats & workouts today because I felt awesome about both!

My “clean”, not eating out, meals of the day….

Breakfast: coffee[duh] & 2 egg omelet with red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, skim mozzarella cheese and mustard
Morning snack(post workout): low sugar apple cinnamon oats, apple cinnamon chobani, 1 tsp natural pb, sprinkle of coconut
Pre-lift snack: apple & pretzels
Post-lift snack: PB banana vanilla protein shake
Dinner: chicken, diced tomatoes, broccoli, nutritional yeast

I think I like having snacks way more than lunch. I’m probably going to do this from now on. I didn’t feel too hungry to the point of wanting to eat everything in sight. must remember this.

I did two workouts today too. Everyone thinks I’m insane when I do two-a-days, but I get so bored & the summer is making me gain weight. (drinking too much alcohol…)

Workout #1: kettlebell class – 45 minutes

this is what we did:

5 clean & squat (right side) followed by 20 2-handed swings and repeated both on the left
5 clean & press (right side) followed by 20 transfer swings and repeated both on the left
5 clean, press, squat (right side) followed by 10 1 handed swings + 6 rows and repeated all the the left
then we did a tabata of planks, shoulder taps, push ups, forearm plank x2
then repeated the first part
then a tabata of jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, alligators x2
phew! i sweat a lot.

after that i worked for an hour, then went to the beach and laid out while reading catching fire. which i cannot put down! i can’t believe i waited this long to read it. and now, after buying it 3 days ago, i am almost done!

after i got tired of being hot from the sun, i went back to the gym and lifted. oh how i’ve missed doing barbell cleans. here’s what i did: (found this on www.midwestfit.com)

Barbell complex 3 sets (started with 45# bar for the first set, then increased to 55# for the 2nd, and then increased to 65# for the 3rd):

6 reps of…
1) Hang power clean
2) Push press
3) Hang snatch
4) Push press
5) Hang power clean

after 1st set — 60 russian twists with 12# DB, after 2nd set — run 400m, after 3rd set — 25 push ups

then…Dumbbell Complex: 3 sets (same as above except I started with 10#DBs for the 1st set, 12# for the 2nd, and 15# for the third)

1) Lateral shoulder raise
2) Front raise
3) Rear delt raise
4) Thrusters

After 1st set — 2 minute plank, after 2nd set — 30 burpees, after 3rd set — 30 bicep curls(alternating)

Circuit 3 rounds no rest of
1) Box jumps – 20 reps
2) straight leg deadlifts – 12 reps (i used 65# barbell)
3) wall sit — 1 minute

That workout was tough, but I loved it! My shoulders are going to be dead tomorrow, I know it.

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  1. July 21, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    I had a very “snacky” day today too — and I liked it. It was a nice change. 🙂

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