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week 1 goals check-in

since it’s sunday i thought i’d check in with my first week of july goals.
i’m a terrible at meeting my goals, but i’m actually pretty impressed with myself so far.

goal #1: eat out less than 4x per week

success. i haven’t had dinner anywhere out this week. the only thing i’ve bought out are a couple drinks and froyo. twice for the drinks and once for the froyo. score.

goal #2: read a book or two

success. now that i’m done with college(FINALLY), i bought catching fire and started it friday. im already 150 pages in.

goal #3: stick to my half marathon running plan

success. i even PR’d on my 8k race on the 4th. today i ran a tough 7 miles. but finished it strong. total for the week was 24 miles. exactly what my running coach wrote out for me.

i’ve got to deal with these monster blisters though…time for new shoes.

goal #4: focus on my core.

meh, i always hate working out my abs. i’ve done a little bit this week, but definitely could improve. here’s my “before” pictures…maybe this will give me a boost of motivation to work on them a little more. not like i care too much about what they look like, i just like having something to focus on. it helps my anxiety.

obviously i need to clean the bathroom mirror.

i do believe that “abs are made in the kitchen.” i need to put down the jeremiah lemonades & cheetos. time to clean it up a bit.

haven’t done goal #5 yet. don’t think i will until i move into my condo. my craft supplies are about to be packed up.

might as well do day 7 of jenny’s blog challenge as well!

if you could live in any time period of the past, what would it be and why?

the 1960’s. when there was real entertainment, better fashion….and to be a part of the civil rights movement would be AMAZING.

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