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30 day blog challenge; day 1: july goals

Peanut Butter and Jenny
So even though I am terrible at these types of things, I am going to participate in Jenny’s 30 day blog challenge. go here for more details.
day 1: write your goals for the month.
  • eat out less than 4x per week
  • read a book or two
  • stick to my half marathon running plan
  • focus on my core
  • make these out of my race t-shirts

1) Eat out less than 4x per week

– I have been eating out a lot lately and have been noticing it in my wallet & my body. I am losing money and gaining unnecessary weight from eating out so much. Some of it is due to being out of town, but some of it is just plain wanting to go out to eat rather than eat at home. I am usually really good at preparing my meals at home, but I’ve been lazy about it lately..especially when my stress levels are increased. I am really going to focus on eating my meals at home or bringing food to work and indulge by eating out no more than 4 times a week.
– Plus..I always feel like crap when I eat out.

2) Read a book or two

– I am finally finishing my last college class and I have been reading nothing but textbooks lately. I miss reading books. I am going to probably finish the hunger game series and then start something else.

3) Stick to my half marathon running plan

– This past week was terrible. I worked doubles everyday, the heat and humidity was unbearable at the times I had free to run, and I rode my bike 30 miles on Saturday. I still managed to run 3x last week, but definitely not as much as my running coach wanted me to. I WILL stick to these last 9 weeks. and then I might take a break from running for a while.

4) Focus on my core

– I have been noticing that my core is not as strong as it used to be and I’d really like to work on that. On the days of my runs I will also be doing a core workout to help with that.

5) DIY workout tank

– For all the races I’ve been doing lately, I have an abundance of t-shirts and I never really wear t-shirts. I love tanks more so I’m going to use my nonexistent craft skills to attempt this.

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