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five facts friday

long time no talk.i’ve been super busy. trying to move out of my apartment, cleaning it, working close to 40 hrs/week, teaching bootcamp, and still maintaining a somewhat social life.

i finally scheduled my ACSM personal trainer certification exam. september 13th. 🙂

next week is lollapalooza. always a highlight of my summer. cannot wait to see METRIC, florence + the machine, BASSNECTAR, red hot chili peppers, passion pit, the shins, walk off the earth, justice, FUN, and so many more. can you tell who i’m most excited to see?

anyway, so it’s friday and i decided to do a “five facts friday” because i can’t think of anything else to write, but i really wanted to post.

1) i had these amazing protein pancakes for breakfast this morning.

really hit the spot.

2) i’ve never seen star wars. but i’m a sucker for coffee and cookies…

3) i never wear jeans because i can’t find a pair that fit me perfectly. #thunderthighswidehipssmallwaistproblems

4) i hate fake nails.

5) even though i don’t want to get married, i’m obsessed with cute proposals.

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the last few days and… Camille LeBlanc Bazinet

Welp, I missed the last 5 days of blogging due to being crazily busy. life happens.
it’s been an awesome last few days. hardly any sleep, but lots of fun.

Thursday I went to go to see Ingrid Michaelson live in Des Moines. She was amazing.

Friday I worked early and then late. and then went to the campgrounds to hang out with people for a while.

Yesterday I did my 2nd Warrior Dash! It was fun and I did 6 minutes better than the one I did last month. Although, I thought this one had easier obstacles.

and then later last night I went out for my birthday (which is Monday). had quite a few drinks and got a little out of hand, but had a GREAT time. 🙂

since I’ve been curing my hangover all day, I’ve been watching the crossfit games online. so inspirational.
and speaking of inspiration….
day 10 of jenny’s 30 day blog challenge:
Write about someone who inspires you.

I had a hard time coming up with one person because a lot of people inspire me.
i went with Camille LeBlanc Bazinet.

and i dont think you need to know any other reason why.

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my food philosophy

Day 9 of Jenny’s 30 day blog challenge:
What is your food philosophy?

this is actually a pretty difficult question because i don’t really have one.
i’ve had a rough relationship with food in the past and i’m still trying to recover from the damage it has done to my mind.

i would be lying if i didn’t constantly over-analyze everything i put in my mouth thinking that a piece of pizza is going to make me gain a ton of weight or even thinking that “i can eat this because i just ran 7 miles today, so i really doesn’t matter.”

it’s a struggle and i hate that it’s a struggle. i have bounced back and forth trying so many different “diets” and get frustrated when none of them work and end up going on a binge not caring and then hating every second of what i just did.
this is what i’ve tried & failed at every single one:
– vegetarian (i was actually the lowest weight on this diet, but i never exercised intensely & i ate WAY under my calorie needs)
– south beach (i got sick of trying to follow it…and working at a coffee shop was really hard to give up sugar)
– jackie warner’s “this is why you’re fat”
– paleo (i actually felt the best on paleo because i think do have gluten sensitivity, but i cannot give up my greek yogurt. it’s just not happening. and grains seem to be the best fuel for my long runs..)

– i’ve thought about going completely gluten free because i do get really bloated and fatigued from gluten…but i’d like to get tested first to see if i do have an allergy because gluten free products are super expensive.

so here’s what i’ve learned and what i am still learning about the way i do, should, and want to eat even if i don’t follow my own “rules” 100% of the time:

1) eat breakfast. with a cup or two of coffee on the side. i’m miss cranky pants if i don’t get fed right when i wake up..and even worse if i don’t have my coffee. this is why i’ll never be able to partake in intermittent fasting.

2) eat 5-6 small meals per day. great for a person who likes to eat.

3) fruits & veggies. i try to include a fruit or vegetable with every single meal i eat. i probably eat more fruit than i should, but i really don’t care. nature’s candy is a hell of a lot better than a bag of skittles.

4) avoid processed foods. i do well with this for the most part. i try to look for less ingredients in the packaged things that i do buy, but sometimes it is more convenient.

this is not food.

5) limit grains. since i have noticed the difference in the way my body feels when eating grains compared to not, i try to limit them. it’s hard because i am a carb lover, but i’d much rather feel great than be a lazy p.o.s. on the couch all day just because i ate a bowl of spaghetti.

6) limit dairy. again…i feel better and my face has less breakouts if i limit the dairy. i love my greek yogurt and cottage cheese, but i try to have no more than 1 cup of dairy a day. i am a former cheese lover as well, but now i stick to mozz or feta and stay away from anything else (unless it’s included in a dish that someone makes for me.)

7) not drinking my calories. well lately, i’ve definitely been breaking this rule due to my summer partying lately. but i haven’t drank soda in years, i don’t like juice, and i drink my coffee black 95% of the time.

there ya have it.

oh and here’s a song that i’ve been listening to 500x a day this week. can’t get enough.

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Eat Clean, Train Mean

Wow, I’m starting to get a hang of this posting on my blog often thing. I bet it’ll last a week and I’ll fall off the bandwagon again. [I have so much confidence, right?]

I just really wanted to share my eats & workouts today because I felt awesome about both!

My “clean”, not eating out, meals of the day….

Breakfast: coffee[duh] & 2 egg omelet with red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, skim mozzarella cheese and mustard
Morning snack(post workout): low sugar apple cinnamon oats, apple cinnamon chobani, 1 tsp natural pb, sprinkle of coconut
Pre-lift snack: apple & pretzels
Post-lift snack: PB banana vanilla protein shake
Dinner: chicken, diced tomatoes, broccoli, nutritional yeast

I think I like having snacks way more than lunch. I’m probably going to do this from now on. I didn’t feel too hungry to the point of wanting to eat everything in sight. must remember this.

I did two workouts today too. Everyone thinks I’m insane when I do two-a-days, but I get so bored & the summer is making me gain weight. (drinking too much alcohol…)

Workout #1: kettlebell class – 45 minutes

this is what we did:

5 clean & squat (right side) followed by 20 2-handed swings and repeated both on the left
5 clean & press (right side) followed by 20 transfer swings and repeated both on the left
5 clean, press, squat (right side) followed by 10 1 handed swings + 6 rows and repeated all the the left
then we did a tabata of planks, shoulder taps, push ups, forearm plank x2
then repeated the first part
then a tabata of jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, alligators x2
phew! i sweat a lot.

after that i worked for an hour, then went to the beach and laid out while reading catching fire. which i cannot put down! i can’t believe i waited this long to read it. and now, after buying it 3 days ago, i am almost done!

after i got tired of being hot from the sun, i went back to the gym and lifted. oh how i’ve missed doing barbell cleans. here’s what i did: (found this on

Barbell complex 3 sets (started with 45# bar for the first set, then increased to 55# for the 2nd, and then increased to 65# for the 3rd):

6 reps of…
1) Hang power clean
2) Push press
3) Hang snatch
4) Push press
5) Hang power clean

after 1st set — 60 russian twists with 12# DB, after 2nd set — run 400m, after 3rd set — 25 push ups

then…Dumbbell Complex: 3 sets (same as above except I started with 10#DBs for the 1st set, 12# for the 2nd, and 15# for the third)

1) Lateral shoulder raise
2) Front raise
3) Rear delt raise
4) Thrusters

After 1st set — 2 minute plank, after 2nd set — 30 burpees, after 3rd set — 30 bicep curls(alternating)

Circuit 3 rounds no rest of
1) Box jumps – 20 reps
2) straight leg deadlifts – 12 reps (i used 65# barbell)
3) wall sit — 1 minute

That workout was tough, but I loved it! My shoulders are going to be dead tomorrow, I know it.

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how do you envision your life being in 5 years?

day 8 of jenny’s 30 day blog challenge:

how do you envision your life being in 5 years?

in 5 years, 2017, I will be 28 years old.

i hope i live in my dream state.

i will be a motivator.

maybe i’ll finally find someone who’s perfect for me.

and most importantly,

be happy with myself.

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week 1 goals check-in

since it’s sunday i thought i’d check in with my first week of july goals.
i’m a terrible at meeting my goals, but i’m actually pretty impressed with myself so far.

goal #1: eat out less than 4x per week

success. i haven’t had dinner anywhere out this week. the only thing i’ve bought out are a couple drinks and froyo. twice for the drinks and once for the froyo. score.

goal #2: read a book or two

success. now that i’m done with college(FINALLY), i bought catching fire and started it friday. im already 150 pages in.

goal #3: stick to my half marathon running plan

success. i even PR’d on my 8k race on the 4th. today i ran a tough 7 miles. but finished it strong. total for the week was 24 miles. exactly what my running coach wrote out for me.

i’ve got to deal with these monster blisters though…time for new shoes.

goal #4: focus on my core.

meh, i always hate working out my abs. i’ve done a little bit this week, but definitely could improve. here’s my “before” pictures…maybe this will give me a boost of motivation to work on them a little more. not like i care too much about what they look like, i just like having something to focus on. it helps my anxiety.

obviously i need to clean the bathroom mirror.

i do believe that “abs are made in the kitchen.” i need to put down the jeremiah lemonades & cheetos. time to clean it up a bit.

haven’t done goal #5 yet. don’t think i will until i move into my condo. my craft supplies are about to be packed up.

might as well do day 7 of jenny’s blog challenge as well!

if you could live in any time period of the past, what would it be and why?

the 1960’s. when there was real entertainment, better fashion….and to be a part of the civil rights movement would be AMAZING.

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5 & 6

see, i said i’m terrible at doing any sort of day challenge.
so i’m just going to combine 5 & 6 into one post.

day 6 would have been friday. a picture of something or someone that made my day special…
coffee makes everyday special.

day 7: if you could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

female: emma stone














because we’d only need 15 minutes to realize we’d be best friends.
and because she said: “You’re only human. You live once and life is wonderful so eat the damn red velvet cupcake!”

i hope she doesn’t mind my girl crush obsession with her. nah, she wouldn’t care.






Adam Brody. no explanation necessary.

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