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thunder thighs meet 5k PR.

pancake (grain free, paleo)

i’m loving my paleo pancakes lately. smothered with non-paleo pb2 sauce. fills me up for a good 4-5hours which is crucial since i wake up so early everyday. looking for the recipe? came from pumpedpumpkin.com

things have been non-stop crazy. as usual. i am now going to teach bootcamp 4 mornings a week, have countless exams/projects to get through for the end of the semester, work my butt off to save $$ for all the summer adventures i want to do, train for my 11 races(!!!), and continue my lifting routine so i can keep getting strong.

in training for this half (which thankfully i’ve done awesome at sticking to my plan), a “5k race” was scheduled for last sunday. since there were no 5k’s to actually participate in last weekend, i did it on my own. i started the run thinking “ehh..as long as i get under 30 minutes, that’s good enough for me.” my best time for a 5k is around 29 ish minutes.

when i headed out the door, i felt good. no, i felt great. i wanted to see how fast, while still maintaining a do-able pace, i could go and not stop until my watch said 3.1 miles.

26 minutes and 31 seconds later….i did it! i stayed under a 9 minute/mile pace! never, have i ever, ran that fast. i averaged around 8:34. i didn’t think i had it in me.
in the past, i have always hated my lower body. i’m definitely a pear shape with a smaller waist, wide hips & “thunder thighs.” i remember looking back and always being so mad that i could never fit into less than a size 6 jean because i couldn’t get them up my legs. and then jeans that i could fit over my monster legs, would always be way too big at the waist that not even a belt would suffice. (hence why you almost never see me wear jeans.)
now i could care less than i’m a size 10.
my legs are strong & powerful. not only do they allow me to run long distances and quick short distances, i can also squat over 125# now. (slowly progressing up)


i would much rather have this girl’s legs…

than hers…(will someone please give her a sandwich?)

now i don’t mean to judge their body types…this is just my own personal preference. i used to want skinny legs like in the 2nd picture. but then.. i got obsessive about it. this is what ended up spiraling my obsession with food, calories, and brought the self-conscious and anxiety in me. i still struggle with my flaws. everyone does.
the difference now is that i’m not saying ” i wish i had the legs like the girl in the first picture.” but i am striving for my own personal strengths. throughout my entire body.

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  1. April 23, 2012 at 9:28 am

    What an amazing post. I totally agree with you — I would much rather have strong legs like the girl in the first picture than be “skinny” — strong is the new skinny! 🙂

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