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dam2downtown 10k recap + workout video starring yours truly.

Yesterday I ran my first ever 10k. I’ve done multiple 5ks, an 8k, 8.8 mile race, and a 1/2 marathon..but never a 10k.

Thoughts regarding this 6.2 race:

  • I was super excited prior to the day because I heard there were hills and I wanted a good challenging run.
  • That morning, however, I regretted signing up. It was cold, windy, cloudy, and there was a chance for rain. Not the most pleasurable weather to run in. I like it sunny & warm.
  • Once we got moving, I felt okay. No pain in my hamstring (I was having issues a couple days ago).
  • The first hill was brutal. I had a hard time breathing, but I didn’t stop like a lot of people around me did. I just kept trucking up that sucker.
  • Mile marker 1: just shy of 10 minutes. meh, not my best but I knew I had 5 miles to go so I was holding a breezy steady pace.
  • 2nd hill – long & drawn out, but not terrible. I kept thinking “when is this going to end” but I didn’t feel like I needed to slow down. Again, i just kept moving up that thing.
  • Mile marker 2: 19ish minutes keeping a very steady pace here
  • I lost track of the next 2 miles..I was off in my own world thinking about some upcoming big decisions I have to make regarding my life. [I seriously don’t even remember the roads at this point.]
  • Somehow we got from country roads to neighborhoods and I started to pay more attention to my running. I hit mile 4 in 38 or so minutes. We went up another steep hill. wanted to barf. but kept moving my legs.
  • Mile 5: 48 minutes…dangit I just really want to finish in under an hour.. move it sharelle.
  • I started to really pick up my pace during this last mile. I sprinted to the finish line during the last 400m or so.
  • Finished in 59:27 with a 9:35 min/mile pace. not too shabby.
  • I even forgot how cold it was…until I stopped running.

Today I did a 2 mile HIIT routine. Short & simple, yet effective.
Warmed up by walking 4mph on a 5.0 incline.
7 mph for 90 sec
5.5 mph for 2 min
repeat 5x
Cool down: walk 4 mph for 3 minutes

then I did a random short workout I found from
I even made a video to share with you. It’s great for getting your heart rate up and you can do it anywhere. No equipment necessary.

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Doing a spur of the moment post today.
I wanted to write about what motivation means to me.

In the past and a lot of times even now, I struggle with motivation.
I lose my confidence, focus, or a sense of direction.
Not even with my health & fitness, but also in life. Waking up can be a struggle in itself.
So how do I do it?

I make a mental list of my personal strengths.
Yesterday, for example, I was extremely upset.
I had a strain in my hamstring and I broke down. Injuries cause me major upset because I feel like it’s the end of the world if I can’t workout. (addicted, much?). In reality, it’s just my body saying “WHOA, slow down. you need to rest sometimes.” But in my head I say “you’re not even close to your goals and this is just going to set you back even more.”
Then I had to stop and think about that thought. That was a terrible cognitive representation of what’s really going on.
I looked at what I have accomplished in the last year.
Since I skipped my run yesterday due to pain, I chose to do a yoga DVD that I used to do all the time a couple years ago. I thought it would help get a good stretch in and maybe still work on some strength.
This particular DVD used to be HARD for me to do. I remember how I would struggle with the chatarungas because I didn’t have the upper body strength, how I couldn’t lift my leg up and hold it because it burned so bad. and this time it was a walk in the park. my strength in my body has increased by a HUGE amount. it’s unbelieveable to me. this changed that negative thought right away and made me realize all of my personal strengths i’ve achieved. which motivates me to rest, heal, and keep on striving to where i want to be. it doesn’t matter how long it takes. there will be set backs. that’s normal. there’s no such thing as perfection.

An eye opener this morning was the participants that I teach in bootcamp.
They are extremely motivated. Most of them have stuck around since January. Waking up everyday of the week to get an hour work out in at 5:30 a.m.! Watching them get stronger, run longer, increase their range of motion, build their endurance, look and feel GOOD has been such a blessing to me. They are my number one motivators for myself.

Today we did 2 AMRAP challenges. (as many rounds as possible for time). I’ll share with you what we did as a sneak peek to the kind of things we do in bootcamp.

Warm up: run 400m
do some dynamic stretching (lunges, walking quad stretch, good mornings, knees to chest, etc)

#1: AMRAP 15 minutes:

– 10 sumo deadlift high pull
– 10 kettlebell swings
– 10 pull ups
– 10 push ups
run 250m

rest 2-3 minutes

#2: AMRAP 15 minutes:

– 30 walking lunges with 10# plate overhead
– 30 jump rope high knees
– 15 box jumps
– 15 floppy burpees

Everyone got 4-5 rounds for the first tone and about 3.5 rounds for the second! Amazing, I tell you. The transformations I’ve seen in such little incredible. I love my job.

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5k mudchug recap

one race down, 10 left to go.
what a race to start the season!
go to for more details but this is what i experienced through my eyes:
(definitely not as muddy as it shows on the website, by the way.)

  • lots of running.
  • lots of hill running. had to stop and walk a lot to catch my breath.
  • lots of rough terrain running. didn’t want to roll my ankle.
  • there were probably 6-7 obstacles. they weren’t really that difficult although i couldn’t do the monkey bars.
  • i army crawled under some hurdles through the mud.
  • i climbed over a couple walls
  • i said screw it to the balance beam and just trudged through the pool of mud water.
  • the slide at the end was actually pretty terrifying, but it was fun!
  • we had an awesome group, but unfortunately had two injuries 😦

I finished in 36 minutes and 36 seconds. not too bad since i walked quite a bit and had to go through those obstacles.

i had a lot of fun and this makes me even more excited for the 2 warrior dashes i’m doing this summer. (june 17th and july 14th)

next weekend is Dam to Downtown. It’s a 10k. 🙂

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thunder thighs meet 5k PR.

pancake (grain free, paleo)

i’m loving my paleo pancakes lately. smothered with non-paleo pb2 sauce. fills me up for a good 4-5hours which is crucial since i wake up so early everyday. looking for the recipe? came from

things have been non-stop crazy. as usual. i am now going to teach bootcamp 4 mornings a week, have countless exams/projects to get through for the end of the semester, work my butt off to save $$ for all the summer adventures i want to do, train for my 11 races(!!!), and continue my lifting routine so i can keep getting strong.

in training for this half (which thankfully i’ve done awesome at sticking to my plan), a “5k race” was scheduled for last sunday. since there were no 5k’s to actually participate in last weekend, i did it on my own. i started the run thinking “ long as i get under 30 minutes, that’s good enough for me.” my best time for a 5k is around 29 ish minutes.

when i headed out the door, i felt good. no, i felt great. i wanted to see how fast, while still maintaining a do-able pace, i could go and not stop until my watch said 3.1 miles.

26 minutes and 31 seconds later….i did it! i stayed under a 9 minute/mile pace! never, have i ever, ran that fast. i averaged around 8:34. i didn’t think i had it in me.
in the past, i have always hated my lower body. i’m definitely a pear shape with a smaller waist, wide hips & “thunder thighs.” i remember looking back and always being so mad that i could never fit into less than a size 6 jean because i couldn’t get them up my legs. and then jeans that i could fit over my monster legs, would always be way too big at the waist that not even a belt would suffice. (hence why you almost never see me wear jeans.)
now i could care less than i’m a size 10.
my legs are strong & powerful. not only do they allow me to run long distances and quick short distances, i can also squat over 125# now. (slowly progressing up)


i would much rather have this girl’s legs…

than hers…(will someone please give her a sandwich?)

now i don’t mean to judge their body types…this is just my own personal preference. i used to want skinny legs like in the 2nd picture. but then.. i got obsessive about it. this is what ended up spiraling my obsession with food, calories, and brought the self-conscious and anxiety in me. i still struggle with my flaws. everyone does.
the difference now is that i’m not saying ” i wish i had the legs like the girl in the first picture.” but i am striving for my own personal strengths. throughout my entire body.

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