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we feel so far from so close


this is what my typical breakfast has been looking like.
that’d be 2 eggs (i usually use egg whites, but i’m at my parents house this morning), beaten with almond milk, cinnamon, 1 tbsp flax, 1 tbsp vanilla whey, and a pinch of baking powder. cooked like a pancake and topped with peanut flour sauce(beats my craving for pb) & 1 tsp of strawberry preserves. an orange & black coffee on the side. 🙂

i drastically changed my hair on friday. i have been blonde for years and decided to try the dark. i really like it.

i have been really enjoying my lifting lately. it’s so awesome to see such great improvements.

i’ve worked up to 70# bench press, 85# cleans, 80# clean & jerk(!!!), 55# snatch, 65# military press, 95# front squat, 105# back squat, 135# deadlift, 137# rack pull, and more. if you would have seen my numbers when i started, you would be impressed with how much i’ve improved in 4-5 weeks. i feel stronger everyday. and i am constantly super sore after each workout so i know i’m definitely working hard (even if my heart rate isn’t high and i’m not sweating buckets).

here’s a couple fitspirations from some of the things i do:

i just learned the hang snatch last week. it’s the scariest lift so far, but i feel so great when it’s done. here’s a video demonstration. along with clean & jerks which i am starting to love.

along with my lifting i am starting to train for my first half marathon this year. i also like to do bootcamp style, crossfit WODS, or bodyrock tv workouts to switch it up. yesterday i did a bodyrock inspired lower body workout and this is what it looked like:

4 rounds for time:

prisoner walking lunges – 30 reps
burpees with knee tucks (i call them prisoner burpees) – 10 reps
reverse lunge with front kick – 15 reps each leg
one leg jump rope – 20 hops each leg

i finished in 19:47. killer leg workout..my glutes & quads are definitely feeling it today.
sorry for the wind…

this morning 5 miles is on the agenda.
& lots of studying for school since i leave for virginia in 4 days. 🙂
i get to see my favorite person.

a song that i have been obsessed with lately:

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