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thursday things, thoughts, and training.

plank for 60 seconds with 45lb plate x2

1) Strength. I am on Week 4 of my Starting Strength program with my trainer, Adam. I’ve had to do these planks with a 45 lb plate on my back every Wednesday and I can already see a huge difference in my core strength. The first week we only did 30 seconds twice. Week 2 we did 45 seconds. Week 3 we did 60 seconds, but I was squirming & felt like it was extremely tough. This week we did 60 seconds again and yes I was shaking, but there was no way I was giving up and I did feel stronger. Both physically and mentally.

Along with my core strength, I’ve noticed improvements in ALL of my lifts. I can almost deadlift my bodyweight. I have been increasing my back squats, front squats, hang cleans, military press, bench press, and push press. It’s fun to look back at the previous week and feel a sense of accomplishment when I see that the weight I used the week before feels easier now.

2) Lent.

So yesterday was Ash Wednesday. The only way I know that is through social media (facebook) by seeing everyone’s status updates tell me what they’re giving up for lent this year. (I’m not Catholic so I had no clue, although I knew it was around this time.) This got me thinking. Nothing against their beliefs to give up something to get “closer” to God, I just don’t think many people “give up” these things for that reason. I also really don’t think you need to give up certain things to have a closer relationship with Him, but don’t even get me started on that.

My point is, why wait to give up those things that hold you back from what you do believe in? This doesn’t even have to do with Lent or God or whatever your belief system entails. This could be the things you want out of life. Success, health, dreams, a degree from college, a fit body, a cure from diabetes, crossing the finish line of a marathon, moving up at your workplace, anything.

If there’s something in your life that is holding you back, WHY NOT GIVE IT UP? Why wait for January 1st to set these resolutions? Why wait for lent to give up your daily fix of mountain dew that’s destroying your teeth and spiking your blood insulin levels or your addiction to the internet that wastes your precious time that you could be using doing other things?

I’m not saying you should give up these things entirely. it’s all about moderation. but if something is holding you back so far from accomplishing your goals, why let it control you? anyone is capable of having self control. use it. not just january 1st. not just during lent. use it every single day of the year. you’ll be amazed at the things you’ll be able to do.

3) Training

So if you saw my last post, then you saw how crazy I am by planning on doing all those races this year. (Although, the color run registration already closed before I got the chance to sign up!)
Since I plan to do all these races, I better train for it. I’m going to follow this Half Marathon plan since my first race is the 8.6 miles on May 6th with a half marathon coming up 2 short weeks later.

I’ll be following this one…(what I did last year for the Des Moines).


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sweat. rough. tough. muddy. colorful. long distance. diabetes. boardwalk. time prediction.

all of those words describe what my summer is going to entail and all the things i am going to be training for these next few months.
i have either signed up or am planning to sign up for

May 6th:
Mall to Mall. (run from one mall to the other side of town mall)
8.6 miles
Time Prediction Race. Steady pace wins the race. (If you predict the closest time to your race time, you win!) I was a couple minutes off last year.

May 19th:
Marion Festival Races.
Half marathon or 5k.
Don’t know if I’ll be ready for the 1/2 by then, but we shall see.

June 2nd:
Color Run (in Chicago)

June 17th:
Warrior Dash – Illinois
5k from hell.

June 30th:
Tour De Cure – Coralville, IA
Bike Ride to help cure Diabetes!
You choose from 100 miles, 50 miles, 25 miles, or 5 miles.
I might do 50 or 25 depending on how I feel about riding a bike for that long. I’m a runner, not a cyclist.

July 14th:
Warrior Dash – Iowa
5k from hell…different obstacles from Illinois

August – BREAK from races. This is when I’ll be full force training for the upcoming half marathons.

September 2nd:
Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – Virginia Beach

October 21st:
Des Moines Half Marathon

Wow… 8 races this year.
I better get my ass off this couch and TRAIN.

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motivated monday

long time no blog post. it’s been a crazy last couple of weeks!

my days have looked essentially like this:

somewhere between 4:00-5:00 a.m. everyday: wake up
5:00-7:30 am: teach class or bootcamp
8:00 am: eat breakfast, drink coffee, relax
10:00 am: class or work
afternoons: lift, run, or do homework
nights: teach class, work, or class
in bed by 10 pm if i’m lucky

every single day. i got sick last week and i think it was a combination of lack of sleep & stress. i need to learn to take a breather every once in a while. easier said than done.

anyway last week i started training with a personal trainer at my gym who is the strength and conditioning coach for our young athletes. he is an olympic lifter and he’s going to teach me and a few other girls how to properly do these lifts and essentially develop a program for us to follow with him.
Wednesday we did Squats, Deadlifts, Hang Pulls, and Shoulder Press. For core training he had us do a Plank with a 45lb plate on our back. I WAS SHAKING.
Friday we did Squats, Deadlifts, Hang Pulls, and Bench Press.

This week we get to learn a hang clean which will eventually lead up to learning a power clean. 🙂
i’m ready to be strong.


i need to work on my eating this week. i ate a lot of crap this weekend and i just felt lethargic which didn’t help in trying to get over being sick. time for clean eating. no excuses.
i started this morning off with healthy apple cinnamon pancakes. they were delish.


the recipe was from chocolatedcoveredkatie. check out her dessert recipes. they are great alternatives to the real deal.

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