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2012 goals.

i’m a little late to jump on the bandwagon and set my 2012 goals or “resolutions.” i don’t usually make resolutions because i feel like the new year shouldn’t be a time to start thinking about change. it’s not about tomorrow, it’s always about today. you can always start a new life and do what you want with your life at any given moment. don’t wait until monday, the 1st of the year, the beginning of the month, etc… if you want to change, you need to start NOW.

as you know, i have already changed my life. now i’m just working on maintaining it. with that said, i do have “goals” that i would like to set for the entire year. some aren’t so specific; some are.


1) Start lifting regularly. learn olympic lifts – proper form and technique and then slowly progress to lifting heavier. (will work on this once school is over since it takes a lot of time and dedication.)

2) complete a warrior dash. (signed up for june 17th!)

3) complete another half marathon. (signed up for virginia beach in september)

4) Do an unassisted pull up


1) drink 8-10 glasses on water a day.

2) eat more paleo.


1) Graduate from university of iowa in May.
2) Start thinking about where to go to grad school and what type of program.


1) be happy most days.

2) feel beautiful

3) have faith again.

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