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it never gets easier, you just get stronger. [2 new workouts!]

*Workout Tip of the Day:

speaking of having fun while working out…this explains how my last Wednesday night Step n’ Sculpt went last night. Unfortunately I have schedule conflicts so I can no longer teach this class which happens to be one of my favorites. I decided to make it fun while still working hard.

– We did our usual 4 step combinations with 2 cardio intervals for the first 30 minutes. You can do any kind of 30 minute cardio however you’d prefer: run, jump rope, bike, elliptical, etc..

– For the last 30 minutes I had a bowl of different exercises and I basically had everyone choose the strength routine! I had two people draw a slip out of the bowl and we did each of those exercises for 45 sec each 2 times through and then I had two more people draw from the bowl. We made it through 4 circuits in 30 minutes with 8 different exercises. 🙂 It ended up being centered on mostly shoulders, triceps, and legs. Here’s what it looked like..

Sculpted Shoulders, Tris & Legs

Circuit #1:
Split Squats holding medium dumbbells – 45 sec
Tricep dips (off bench) – 45 sec

Circuit #2:
Side lunge w/ front raise – 45 sec
Plank jump into low squat (do a squat thrust but instead of the jump stay and hold a low squat) – 45 sec

Circuit #3:
Flip grip tricep kickbacks – 45 sec
Lunge w/ twist (holding dumbbell) – 45 sec

Circuit #4:
Plie squat w/ upright row – 45 sec
Military press with front kick (shoulder press balancing on one foot while the other kicks in and out) – 45 sec

9 rollbacks(full sit-up and slowly roll back)
10 pulse ups (feet in the air and lift bottom straight up)
25 bicycles

– i also made if fun by playing holiday/christmas music (mixed so that it was energetic of course)!

– I also did p90x legs & back and the ab ripper x yesterday. working on my pull ups. 🙂

the meal plan is also going well. this is what my eats looked like yesterday:

breakfast: 1/3 cup oats cooked in 1 cup almond milk, 1 green apple, 1 tsp cinnamon, 2 tbsp pb2, 1 tbsp protein powder

morning snack: chocolate milk

lunch: 1 cup kale, 4 oz ground turkey, 1 small tomato, chopped green pepper, 1 tbsp cottage cheese mixed with salsa

afternoon snack: 1 clif pumpkin spice bar; 1/2 scoop protein; greek yogurt

dinner: 2 eggs seasoned with mrs. dash; 1 cup steamed broccoli; 2 tbsp salsa; 1 tbsp nutritional yeast

PM snack: 3/4 cup cottage cheese mixed with sweetener and 1 tbsp cocoa powder; mixed nuts

how did i do?

Consumed: 1813 calories
Burned: 847 calories

ratios: Protein 36%, Fat 36%, Carbs 26%
uh oh..not enough protein, too much fat. carbs were good though suprisingly

This morning I’ve already taught my circuit class  & ate pretty much the exact same breakfast as yesterday. I’ll share with you another work out since it’s one of my goals to post more workouts. 🙂

– for my 3-2-1 class I do each circuit with 3 minutes of strength moves, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute abs. No rest until the entire circuit is complete. Move quickly, but listen to your body!

3-2-1 Training 12/8/2011

Warm up: jog in place, high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, alternating lunges, light stretching

Circuit #1:
Split squats with weight – 45 sec
Tricep dips – 45 sec

Alternating toe taps on bench – 30 sec
Squat thrusts with hands on bench – 30 sec

1 minute Rollbacks (situps & roll slowly back to floor)

Circuit #2:
Bicep curl into shoulder press w/ calf raise – 45 sec
T-pushups (pushup to a side plank) – 45 sec

High knees + Mountain Climbers (10 then 10 of each) – 30 sec
Broad jumps around the bench – 30 sec

Split jackknife – 30 sec each side

Circuit #3:
Single leg deadlift – 45 sec
reverse fly balancing on one leg – 45 sec

Squat & Reach – 30 sec
180 degree jumps – 30 sec

In & Outs – 30 sec
Seated bicycle – 30 sec

Circuit #4:
Reverse lunge with step up on bench – 45 sec
Crab toe touches – 45 sec

Globe jumps – 30 sec
Punches – 30 sec

Spiderman plank – 30 sec
plank hold – 30 sec

Ask me if you have any questions!

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