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it’s the little things; bodyrock, cupcakes, christmas tree

started reading the hunger games. just in time for thanksgiving break. should probably start studying for finals instead, but im too interested in this trilogy.

cathy and i decided to cross one of our adventures off our our roommate bucket list.
we wrote cute little inspirational notes, went to B&N and placed them sneakily in different books. loved every second.

did two bodyrock workouts yesterday.

started with 15 minutes of jump rope. jump roping while doing high knees is EXTREMELY harder than zuzana makes it look. and i kept smacking my arms and legs with the rope. brutal 15 minutes.














right after 15 minutes of not being able to breathe, i moved on to workout #2. which was called “perverted punisher” and the caption is “workout from hell.” yep, definitely describes it.

3 rounds for time of:
burpees with push up – 20 reps (my arms feel like they’re going to fall off)
side lunge jumps – 50 reps (my butt is on fire from these today)
jump rope jacks – 50 reps
pull ups – 5 reps (modified by doing 10 jumping pull ups instead)
hanging leg raises – 5 reps (more like knee raises..didn’t have the strength to pull my legs up after all those pushups and pullups)
ninja jump tucks – 10 reps (modified slightly)

i did 3 rounds in 23 min 45 sec. and was breathing hard for a good 10 minutes after. holy crap. talk about intense. i love bodyrock workouts.

later roomie, her friend and i made christmas cupcakes and cookies. had one of each and taking the rest to work.

and….continued with the holiday theme and put up our tree. never too early. looks beautiful. and fell asleep to watching the santa clause. successful saturday.


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  1. November 20, 2011 at 10:28 am

    You guys are so cute. I love the idea of the inspirational notes. I would be so happy if I found one in a book.

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