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on fire legs

first off…random thought.

i really wish i wouldn’t have quit playing piano.

i get chills when people play the piano and it sounds beautiful.

especially this cover i found to adele’s set fire to the rain.

i was that good.

maybe ill start saving for a keyboard.

anyway, i’m sitting here currently drinking my second cup of coffee while im trying my hardest to walk around as little as possible. my legs are on fire from the past 2 workouts i did.
sunday i focused on legs and yesterday i went to one of my favorite group fitness classes and we had a “team turkey challenge.”

On Fire Legs:
(i cant remember where i found this workout)

warm up by jogging 5 minutes, light stretching

circuit #1:
kettlebell swings 15 reps (35lbs)
plie squat with kettlebell upside down – 15 reps (35 lb)

circuit #2:
one leg deadlift with kettlebell – 15 reps (25 lb)
squats 1 min (no weight)

circuit #3:
walking lunges – 30 reps (12 lb dumbbells)
deadlifts – 15 reps (12 lb dumbbells)

russian twists with 12lb med ball – 30 reps
toe touches with 12lb med ball – 15 reps

for the team turkey challenge we had to count our reps for how many of each exercise we did. for example: count how many pushups you do in 1 min & add everyone’s scores together. losers had to do 20 burpees before they left. i was on the losing team, but i think we did awesome. šŸ™‚

can anyone else believe thanksgiving is in a few days? closer to christmas..weird.
does anyone else like laying under the christmas tree looking up while the lights are on? it’s the little things.

well im off to get things done before i leave for VA tomorrow! have a wonderful thanksgiving. šŸ™‚

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it’s the little things; bodyrock, cupcakes, christmas tree

started reading the hunger games. just in time for thanksgiving break. should probably start studying for finals instead, but im too interested in this trilogy.

cathy and i decided to cross one of our adventures off our our roommate bucket list.
we wrote cute little inspirational notes, went to B&N and placed them sneakily in different books. loved every second.

did two bodyrock workouts yesterday.

started with 15 minutes of jump rope. jump roping while doing high knees is EXTREMELY harder than zuzana makes it look. and i kept smacking my arms and legs with the rope. brutal 15 minutes.














right after 15 minutes of not being able to breathe, i moved on to workout #2. which was called “perverted punisher” and the caption is “workout from hell.” yep, definitely describes it.

3 rounds for time of:
burpees with push up – 20 reps (my arms feel like they’re going to fall off)
side lunge jumps – 50 reps (my butt is on fire from these today)
jump rope jacks – 50 reps
pull ups – 5 reps (modified by doing 10 jumping pull ups instead)
hanging leg raises – 5 reps (more like knee raises..didn’t have the strength to pull my legs up after all those pushups and pullups)
ninja jump tucks – 10 reps (modified slightly)

i did 3 rounds in 23 min 45 sec. and was breathing hard for a good 10 minutes after. holy crap. talk about intense. i love bodyrock workouts.

later roomie, her friend and i made christmas cupcakes and cookies. had one of each and taking the rest to work.

and….continued with the holiday theme and put up our tree. never too early. looks beautiful. and fell asleep to watching the santa clause. successful saturday.


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essential ingredient: approved.

I thought on this lovely Sunday I would write a post about certain things i have reviewed & essentially “approved” as of lately. Things come & go in my life whether they be people, products, food, workouts, etc.. and the ones i “approve” will stay for a good while until i grow onto bigger and better things. (people, not so much. i can’t help who my family is. :))

1) Iphone 4s. okay okay okay…. I gave in. i’ve always been against the whole smart phone generation thing. but now i completely understand why people are obsessed. HOLY CRAP. im already addicted and i have had it for less than 24 hours. i can do everything on this little handheld booger. i may need rehab in about a week.

okay, i’m not that obsessed over it that i’d go so far to make cupcakes featuring the different icons. although, i could devour that frosting in seconds.

all in all..iphone 4s: APPROVED.

2) Nike training club app for the iphone
I downloaded my first app. and surprise surprise, it was a workout app. i’ve heard about the nike training club app before so i checked it out. I CAN’T WAIT TO START. it gives you workouts, shows you what to do, and basically is like a personal trainer in your hands. win.
you can choose what your goal is, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced exerciser and then you can choose a specific workout to tailor to your needs. awesome. and once you complete workouts you get “rewards” which unlocks even more workouts.
for someone obsessed with fitness as much as me… APPROVED.

3) Non-sense tattoos.
Pinterest can be a serious addiction. As of lately, my roommate and I have been procrastinating our studies and sitting together looking at the thousands ideas on pinterest. she came across a photo of a wand tattoo on someone’s pointer finger. without thinking too much into it, i was ready and down to copy this idea and do it. so what did we do yesterday while everyone else in our city was at the college football game? get wand tattoos on our fingers.

been zapping everything in sight. no big deal.
harry potter tattoos that i WONT regret when im 80? (duh, ill still be reading the books when im that old.) APPROVED.

4) vintage engagement/wedding rings.
Alright, if you know me at all you know that i don’t think ill ever get married. i just was never one of those girls that dreamed about their wedding when i was little. everyone in my entire family except my mom’s parents have been divorced. so genetically & psychologically, that has kind of ruined my hopes for two people staying together for a lifetime. BUT….i need to stop saying “ill never get married”…because i don’t want to be a hypocrite if it actually happens. im already hypocritical enough in other areas of my life. šŸ˜€

dear future boy that decides to marry this nerd who calls herself shareez, has a wand finger tattoo, lives for working out, eats peanut butter like its her job, and may be in school for 28 years because she can’t decide what to do with her live,

barneys probably really expensive vintage ring: APPROVED

5) the last thing i’ve approved of lately…is workout outfits. duh, this wouldn’t be a fitness/health blog without fitness fashion too. lets be real. i like looking good when im working out. makes me push harder to keep it that way!
if i could afford it, i’d dress in perfectly matched and awesomely motivating outfits every. single. day.

sweet workout oufts: APPROVED.

that’s all i got for today. maybe ill do another one of these next week. twas fun.
now im off to zapping my homework to see if it does itself.

stay healthy,


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no excuses november + 3 workouts!!

november 4th, already? really? geez. i have to get my act together! 5 weeks until this semester is over….i feel like i have put C work into school. somehow i’m still getting Bs on most of my exams by studying the night before. nothing wrong with that i suppose.

here’s my workout schedule for the month. (besides this week)

Day: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM Bodyrock
& Vinyasa Yoga (9 am) 
Run &Vinyasa Yoga (7 am) Crossfit or Bodyrock 3-2-1 Fit(6:45 am)Interval Fit (Noon) Run Restor Practice Long Run
PM Step class Step Nā€™ Sculpt class Run(optional) Bodyrock, Crossfit, or Bodycombat Yoga Yoga

this week looked like..

Monday: Ran a strong 4 miles (9 minute pace!)
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles on the dreadmill and taught 45 minute step class
Wednesday: Taught Step N’ Sculpt
the sculpt section was 3 circuits with core work at the end

Circuit #1:
Squat & press – 45 sec
Plie squat & upright row – 45 sec

Circuit #2:
Wall sit with bicep curls with 8lb dumbbells (8 regular, 8 wide, 8 hammer) & hold wall sit for 30 sec
Tricep kickbacks in crescent lunge with 8lb dumbbells – 45 secish

Circuit #3:
Fire hydrants with kick – 1 minute
Donkey kicks with 8lb dumbbell under knee – 1 minute (and tiny pulses at end)
repeat (switch legs)

Basic crunches – 24
Reverse crunches – 12
Oblique crunches – 8 each side
Basic crunches – 16
Superman holds & swimmers
crab touches
Plank hold – 1 minute

Thursday: teach 321 fit at 6:45 am & interval fit at noon

3-2-1 Fit:

Circuit #1:
Prisoner squats with front kick – 45 sec
Crossback lunge with elbow touch to knee – 45 sec

Jump squat with diagonal touch down – 30 sec
Mountain climbers – 30 sec

Basic crunch – 3o sec
Reverse crunch – 30 sec

Circuit #2:
Bicep curl into overhead press (8lb dumbbells) – 45 sec
Pike pushup – 45 sec

Burpees with calf raise – 30 sec
Shuffles – 30 sec

Alternating leg lifts – 30sec
Hollow-man – 30 sec

Circuit #3:
Chest press with hip lift (12lb dumbbells) – 45 sec
Chest fly with reverse crunch(8lb dumbbells) – 45 sec

Jump tucks – 30 sec
Skaters – 30 sec

Bicycle crunch – 30 sec
Pulse crunch – 30 sec

Circuit #4:
Deadlift with bent over row(12 lb dumbbells) – 45 sec
One foot hop with side kick – 45 sec

Plank with leg lifts – 30 sec
Superman – 30 sec

Interval fit: (i actually got this workout from a class I took at my gym!)
my legs are on fire from this…

Circuit #1:
Squats with barbell (35lbs) – 30 sec
Toe taps off bench – 30 sec
Squats with barbell – 30 sec
Toe taps off bench – 30 sec
Squats with barbell – 30 sec
Run 2 laps

Circuit #2:
Lunges with 10lb plates – 30 sec
Straddle bench fast – 30 sec
Lunges with 10lb plates – 30 sec
Straddle bench fast – 30 sec
Lunges with 10lb plates – 30 sec
1 backwards lap

Circuit #3:
Push press with barbell (24 lb) – 30 sec
Jump side to side off bench (hands on bench) – 30 sec
Push press with barbell – 30 sec
Jump side to side off bench – 30 sec
Push press with barbell – 30 sec
3x stairs

Circuit #4:
Deadlift (35 lb barbell) – 30 sec
Mtn climbers – 30 sec
Deadlift – 30 sec
Mtn climbers – 30 sec
Deadlift – 30 sec
run 2 laps

Circuit #5:
Pushups – 30 sec
up and over bench – 30 sec
Pushups – 3o sec
up and over bench – 30 sec
Pushups – 30 sec
up and over bench – 30 sec
1 backward lap

Circuit #6:
Bicep curls with 24lb barbell – 30 sec
Jumping jacks – 30 sec
Bicep curls – 3o sec
Jumping jacks – 30 sec
Bicep curls – 30 sec
3x stairs

Circuit #7:
Tricep dips – 30 sec
Burpees – 30 sec
Tricep dips – 30 sec
Burpees – 30 sec
Tricep dips – 30 sec
2 laps


Friday: run 4 miles, walk 1.5

ready for all that yoga next week.
20 days until i get out of this town for break. much needed.

and here is my november motivation:
strong is way more beautiful than skinny.

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