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fitness survey

Five Fitness Things I can’t Live Without:

  • all of my different shoes for my different activities: new balance vibrams for crossfit/plyometrics/lifting; nike zoom for long distance running; nike free for short distance running; asics cross trainers for teaching
  • my workout capris and shorts from target
  • nike+ipod to track my mileage and pace
  • free gym membership (since i work there)
  • camelbak water bottles

Most Embarrassing Song I Listen to While Working Out:

any LMFAO song. instead of lifting/running i stop and break out into dance. still burns calories.

On My Fitness Bucket List:

– olympic lifting (clean and press, heavy deadlifts, snatch, etc…)

– become TRX certified, kettlebell certified, and crossfit certified

– run a marathon (specifically boston, chicago, and las vegas)

Must-Have Tech Tools:

– ipod (unless i have a workout partner..then nothing!)

Top Exercise Gear:

any workout clothing from target

– tennis shoes obviously

– armband for ipod

-hair ties and bobby pins

-towel (i sweat buckets)

– i should purchase gloves for when i lift and do pullups

Motivational Mantras:

Next Big Exercise Goal:

– train to do unassisted pullups

– start lifting heavy

– train for another half marathon

Favorite Cardio Exercise:

  • Plyometrics (specifically burpees, plank jacks, mountain climbers, jump squats, broad jumps, etc…) i want to puke while doing them, but they are so effective and i feel great when it’s over!

Favorite Strength Move:

  • pushup – all variations! i feel like a badass when i do real pushups.

something to think about…

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