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fall is in the air

i love me pumpkin spice lattezzzzzz

wow. october? where the heck did september run off to.
you mean to tell me it’s about to be real cold soon. NOO.
well, if that means i’ll be drinking more pumpkin spice lattes, then i can’t argue.
homemade. from avery at loveveggiesandyoga. delicious.

this past week was weird. kinda bad in ways too. failed my statistics exam(thank goodness for curves, brought it up to a C), still couldn’t run on my injured foot, had to teach different style of classes because i couldn’t do step, and this weekend was interesting.

anyway, im excited for the upcoming week. besides the exam i have tonight. aldkj;lakdjf.

ninja turtle! (the guy wouldn't let me try on the mask and turtle backpack that it goes with... )

stinkin' cute skunk. muhahha.














yes, i tried on halloween costumes. buuuuut, im making my own. im going to be angelica pickles from rugrats and my room-mate is going to be chuckie. šŸ™‚

went apple picking and there were very slim pickings.. šŸ˜¦

found one! must taste test...

mmm...apple crisp may be in the near future

oh hey, we jump high.



  • do yoga 1-2x per week. (MUST… my muscles hate me lately.)
  • try to meal plan on sundays
  • read for school at least an hour a day
  • go through all old clothes and get rid of a lot
  • run 3-4x per week
  • drink tea every night

may add more later.


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