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how to cook spaghetti squash in under 15 minutes


I apologize for the poor picture quality. Too lazy to bust out the DSLR.

Here is how I made dinner tonight using a spaghetti squash in under 15 minutes!

Step 1) Pierce squash all over with a knife. Be careful. I have had many wounds from trying to do this.

Step 2) Microwave squash for 10-15 minutes.

Step 3) Cut open squash laterally, pull out the seeds (like a pumpkin!).

Step 4) Pull out the insides with a fork and it should represent “noodles”…mine turned out to be clumps, but thats alright!

Step 4) Add whatever you want to it! I added pesto sauce, ground turkey, mozz cheese, onions, and spinach.

I warned you about the pictures.

But the verdict: delicious!

1 cup of spaghetti squash has only 40 calories! eat up.

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5k? bodyrock.

this morning my mom and i ran a “5k” for breast cancer. it was put on by one of the sororities on campus. it ended up being only 2 miles, yet they called it a 5k. weird. we finished at a strong 18 minutes. i was kind of bummed that it ended so soon, but thats okay..i donated to a good cause & got a neat shirt.

i also did this bodyrock workout this afternoon. i finished in 15 minutes and 7 seconds. πŸ™‚
i think i might try to do bodyrock workouts 3-4x a week. they are short & intense enough to push me without wasting my precious time in the gym.

which reminds me..

…so this is pretty much the last week of october.

what?!? time…you are going by way too fast.

although, i wouldn’t mind being done with school.

but….that means christmas is coming soon.

i should probably schedule myself more hours.

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fitness survey

Five Fitness Things I can’t Live Without:

  • all of my different shoes for my different activities: new balance vibrams for crossfit/plyometrics/lifting; nike zoom for long distance running; nike free for short distance running; asics cross trainers for teaching
  • my workout capris and shorts from target
  • nike+ipod to track my mileage and pace
  • free gym membership (since i work there)
  • camelbak water bottles

Most Embarrassing Song I Listen to While Working Out:

any LMFAO song. instead of lifting/running i stop and break out into dance. still burns calories.

On My Fitness Bucket List:

– olympic lifting (clean and press, heavy deadlifts, snatch, etc…)

– become TRX certified, kettlebell certified, and crossfit certified

– run a marathon (specifically boston, chicago, and las vegas)

Must-Have Tech Tools:

– ipod (unless i have a workout partner..then nothing!)

Top Exercise Gear:

any workout clothing from target

– tennis shoes obviously

– armband for ipod

-hair ties and bobby pins

-towel (i sweat buckets)

– i should purchase gloves for when i lift and do pullups

Motivational Mantras:

Next Big Exercise Goal:

– train to do unassisted pullups

– start lifting heavy

– train for another half marathon

Favorite Cardio Exercise:

  • Plyometrics (specifically burpees, plank jacks, mountain climbers, jump squats, broad jumps, etc…) i want to puke while doing them, but they are so effective and i feel great when it’s over!

Favorite Strength Move:

  • pushup – all variations! i feel like a badass when i do real pushups.

something to think about…

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13.1….I DID IT.

a little over two weeks ago, i didn’t think i’d be able to run 13.1 miles without stopping.
my foot was in serious pain. i had to stay off of it for a week.
the furthest i had ever run was 9.5 miles, the day my foot gave out on me.

from all the encouragement: family, friends, co-workers…the support lit a fire under my butt.
what’s the worse that could happen? i walk. i crawl? nothing was going to stop me from making it to that finish line.

day of the race:

6:00 a.m. – alarm goes off. jump out of bed. drink 24 ounces of water.
6:15 a.m. – eat 1/2 bagel with strawberry cream cheese (mouth was in heaven, i haven’t had a bagel in months.) & 1 banana. drink 1 cup of coffee.
6:30 a.m. – go to the bathroom multiple times.
7:00 a.m. – keep going to the bathroom. trying to get rid of the butterflies from being so nervous.
7:15 a.m. – gear up. put my number on, time chip, take pictures with mom & stepdad
7:30 a.m. – bathroom
7:45 a.m. – go downstairs & outside to the start. look at all the people. shiver from the cool october iowa weather.
7:55 a.m. – omg, we’re about to start. can i do this?
8:00 a.m. – HERE WE GO!

mile 1 – “wow…1 mile down.. 12.1 to go!” lets do this
mile 2 – i feel great
mile 3 – i missed the sign, how far are we?
mile 4 – sweet, we get to run in a park! i love nature
mile 5 – stepdad stops to go to the bathroom. i keep going. now i am a little ahead my mom & stepdad
mile 6 – i lost them. im on my own now. can i encourage myself to keep going?
mile 6.5 – HALFWAY THERE! i still feel great! wow
mile 7 – im on pace is picking up
mile 8 – oh no..i’m getting close to where i always stop
mile 9 – …….
mile 9.5 – can i go further?
mile 10 – damn right i can!
mile 11 – oh no..foot is starting to hurt. “keep going, sharelle. it’s going to hurt whether you stop and walk or keep running”
mile 11.5 – it’s not as bad….holy crap. have i really run 11.5 miles already?
mile 12 – ONE MORE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!
mile 12.5 – screw this, im sprinting to the end!
mile 13ish – look at all the people cheering me on…omg, there are marathoners passing me! wow they are incredible! IM ALMOST THERE!
the finish line – I MADE IT!!!! 2 hours and 13 minutes of running non-stop.

it feels weird to stop. i could have kept going. am i insane? whoa…i feel a little dizzy. im heading straight for water and waiting for my mom and stepdad. i cannot believe i just did that.

and…no pain! i feel amazing today. i felt amazing all day yesterday. i feel like i can do anything now. it’s an incredible feeling.

now… i kind of want to run a full marathon.
but as a beginning runner, i think ill do a few more 1/2 marathons before i do that. πŸ™‚’s back to work & school. bring it on.

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my name is sharelle and i am addicted to eating at night.

even though my last post was all about thinking positive thoughts, i couldn’t help but think negative this morning.
i binged last night. bad.
almost a half box of cereal. luckily it was a low cal cereal. 80 cals per serving so i didn’t do as much damage as i used to when i would binge to the point of purging.
last night i was…stressed.
it was a long day…teaching two circuit classes, attending 2 very long academic classes. not being able to focus or concentrate all day. getting home after 9…knowing i have to wake up at 3:50 a.m. to open the gym. i wasn’t tired at all. i couldn’t sleep. i was browsing the internet…and kept grabbing handfuls of the cereal.
this morning… stomach hated me. bloated.
i was doing so well..all week. and then i felt like a failure. again.

i have a serious binge eating problem. i work out so much and then destroy it with my nutrition. i always start off everyday with a really good, filling, balanced meal for breakfast. throughout the day i do pretty well. and then at night, i just lose control and ruin the entire day. this is why my strength training is not showing anywhere. it’s all about nutrition!!
maybe i’m not eating enough protein? it’s just SO difficult with the schedule i have.
i can’t exactly cook when the only time i am home sometimes is not around the time i am hungry for a meal.
night classes do not help at all. the problem is, i’m not hungry enough for dinner before i leave..and when i get home it’s 9:00 p.m. and i feel like it’s too late for a meal. so i end up “snacking” and eating probably more calories than i would have had in a meal. it’s mentally exhausting.

i’m also not confident in my cooking abilities to cook good, lean proteins like meat. i’m deathly afraid i’m going to get food poisoning from cooking meat. it’s also just a pain in the ass for someone with such limited time.
i should really meal plan for the week.
GOAL FOR SUNDAY: MEAL PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i already started by making 15 protein pancakes and sticking them in the freezer for my breakfasts. this will definitely decrease my time in the mornings when i’m getting ready for the day. it will help tremendously in fact! i think i might make some egg muffins too..

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words of wisdom

i need to remind myself of this simple quote all the time.

in my mind, i always strive for perfection. perfection is impossible. yet, i get down on myself trying to achieve this non-existent goal.

my thoughts become negative and spiral out of control. i need to stop myself & think about what i’m saying. and turn it into a positive. that’s the only way i will continue to be happy.
i’m tired of pretending to smile. i want my smile to be genuine again. the only way to get there is to turn my thoughts into positive ones. and be happy with who i am.

a lot of my negativity is about my appearance.

“my legs are huge. i can’t fit into any jeans that look good.” – i need to change that thought and say “my legs are strong. they just helped me run 8 miles yesterday!!”

“i fail at everything i do.” – no, you are not a failure. you are 4 years into college and almost done. where’s the failure in that??

and the list goes on.

you cannot live a positive life with a negative mind.

here’s to the positive thoughts! πŸ™‚

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checking in

my foot injury really threw me off these past couple weeks and it kinda put me in a bummed out mood. along with having so much homework that it makes me want to vomit.

my first half marathon is in 8 days. with not being able to run more than 3-4 miles only twice in the past week, i have no idea if i’ll be able to do it. i guess there’s nothing wrong with walking some of it, i was just really looking forward to this. oh well, not the end of the world. there will be more races! i will actually learn how to train properly. πŸ™‚

i, as usual, threw some of my goals out the window.
still no yoga 1-2x a week. i really need it though, my body is so incredibly tight and sore.
no meal planning again. having night classes sucks for eating meals and leaves me with eating when they’re over..which is 9:00 pm. not good because i usually go to bed at 10.

here’s to a new week. seems like i always need a fresh start to get the motivation going again. πŸ™‚

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