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operation: get rid of my food before the paleo challenge.


I have decided to try the Whole30 which is 30 days of eating a paleo diet.
My downfall for starting this week like everyone else with Jenna over at The Paleo-Project is that I went grocery shopping a couple days before it started. I of course got dairy. and peanut butter. and grains. So I am going to start once all the non paleo foods are gone. šŸ™‚ (At least the ones that would go bad. I hate wasting food, people.)

So here’s my monday day of eats in case you’re interested…

Breakfast: 2 Kashi 7 grain waffles with mashed banana in between and drizzled with protein peanut butter sauce. (1 tbsp pb mixed with protein powder and almond milk)


Lunch was paleo-friendly: “broccoli slaw pasta” made with broccoli slaw, onions, ground turkey, and pasta sauce. I did top with feta cheese.

Snack: green apple slices topped with greek yogurt mixed with tsp pb & cinnamon


dinner: tortilla pizza! made with lots of veggies, feta cheese, hot sauce.

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  1. July 13, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    Hey! I just found your blog through comments on someone elses blog! I just started paleo too and would love to compare notes as you try it out too!

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