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lettuce turnip the beet.

hah, i laughed when i saw that quote. lettuce turnip the beet. bahaha, can’t get over it. 😀
i actually don’t think i’ve ever eaten a turnip. must add that to the list to try. beets? I can’t even remember what they taste like either. and lettuce, of course i eat lettuce. salad used to be my middle name. now it’s just a garnish. 🙂

well. all that “studying” is done for now. took my 2nd exam. 1 more in a week and i’ll finally be done with this class. never procrastinate online courses. they end up kicking you in the butt. note to self.
do you think i ever even read my “notes to self?” if i did, i would have remembered to pick up eyeliner, gum, and much needed chocolate chips when i was at the store today. geez.

on a good “note” (no pun intended), i got a midnight ticket to harry potter! you have no idea how excited i am. im probably going to be one of those nerds who dresses up and brings a homemade wand. photos will be taken, don’t worry about it.
if i ever have a child, he will definitely be dressed for school like this:

okay, onto something less important. like what i had for dinner. was amazing by the way, thanks for asking.
pretty much a repeat of a dinner i had the other night.
baked sweet potato topped with greek yogurt, cinnamon, & maple syrup
LOTS of green beans
and about 3-4 oz of baked chicken drizzled with honey mustard sauce.

i also made banana bread using my roommate’s very brown bananas.
i followed this recipe except i adapted it slightly by using all whole wheat pastry flour instead of peanut flour and white flour. i’m sure it’ll turn out great.

would you like to see what my awesome weekend looked like? here ya have it. my “friend” brad was home from the navy and i went camping with him & his family. it was a lot of fun. as you can see what went down this huge slip n slide, went kayaking & tubing, played in a mud pit, and went down a zip line. i wish we could have stayed there longer.

i have to open the gym tomorrow morning (5 a.m.) so i better be off to bed!

have a wonderful thursday night.

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