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summer shape up, running, turbofire?

im already having colorado withdrawal.
iowa just doesn’t have the same tranquility and peaceful setting that colorado has.
i already feel back in the “madness” that i left here.

i just want to sit in the sun and let my thoughts consume me.

i’m so happy that i brought katie with me.
we worked together for over two years and never really “hung out” just the two of us.(anyone else get the will smith version of that song stuck in your head just now? just me? okay.)
anyway, it’s crazy how just spending 7 days straight with someone brings you so close to them. we developed a great bond, that’s for sure. i feel like we know eachother inside and out. and we both have a love for the area we went to visit. and we can’t stop talking about how we’re going to move there next summer.
and you know what? i think it’s really going to happen.

finally getting out of here. going to somewhere i actually feel like it’s okay to be myself. no judgments.

it was also weird going from such high elevation to where i could hardly breathe walking at a slight incline (yet i still managed to climb mountains) and coming back to sea level. i felt like a beast at the gym yesterday. i did this circuit workout and destroyed it. 630 calories burnedlater and i felt like a champ. 🙂

now that it’s monday i feel like getting into a new routine again. boot camp ended before i left for CO and i decided not to join the next session. 16 weeks of waking up at 5 a.m. 3 times a week was starting to make me crazy. (i couldn’t hang out with people very late and i ended up taking way too many naps throughout the day which led me to eat more at night.)
i think i now have motivation to workout on my own.
i’m also going to start teaching my step n’ tone class two days  a week instead of once, so that means lots more practicing as well.
i’ll be teaching mondays 12-1 and wednesdays 5:30-6:30. both classes get PACKED so i’m a little nervous. 🙂
i also want to clean up my eats a bit. of course i eat “healthy” but i just want to really focus on it for the rest of the summer. i think i might use gina’s summer shape up plan as a guide for meals. everything she makes looks delicious & she eats mostly vegan and gluten free and does have some “meat friendly” options in case i do need some extra protein.
today i started with her breakfast cookie dough cereal. original recipe here.

i used 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, no sweetener(i find that my protein powder is sweet enough), 1/2 scoop chocolate whey, 1 tbsp natural pb to make the “crumbly cookie dough”

i topped with a cup of almond milk, 1 cup of strawberries(i bought 2lb of huge juicy strawberries. EXCITEMENT!), and a handful of shredded wheat.

i’ve been sitting here for about 90 minutes now waiting for it to digest before i head to the gym and do her “workout #1” on the summer shape up plan. 😀

i don’t know if i want to follow her entire plan, start turbofire, or start running again. i hate deciding these things. i need to stick to something though.
lightbulb: i’ll do cardio days as either turbofire OR running. problem solved.

think i’ll add “pretty lights” to my workout playlist to power through this. never heard of them? free downloads on their homepage! THEY ARE AMAZING. that’s all.

– sharelle

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