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june goals – paint the sky, make it yours.

hello lovely essential readers.
it’s been more than a minute. [2 days. meh. typical.]

day 2 of turbofire was the 15 minute HIIT. not too shabby. love intense things. love to push myself. love to know that a workout only has to be 15 minutes long.
yesterday was a rest day(for turbofire) and a boot camp day for “normal” sharelle. woke up this morning with DOMS in my glutes, hamstrings, and abs. i swear suzi(wednesday bootcamp trainer) is the only one who makes my muscles scream. it’s probably because i give her crap all the time at work and she says “you better watch it, you still have a few more weeks of boot camp.” so in return of my sarcasm toward her she repeatedly yells at me to push further, grabs heavier weights and forces me to use them, and watches me like a hawk so i don’t modify anything. i guess i can only thank her when i can’t walk the next day.

wednesday, 6/1/11, boot camp
[in case you’re interested]

warm up: run 3 laps
dynamic warm up (inch worms, frankensteins, lunge & twist, etc)

there are 3 sets of two exercises. Each exercise will be done 10 times and then choose a cardio burst. Come back to the exercises & do each one 8 times. cardio. 6 times. cardio. 4 times. cardio. 2 times. cardio. rest.
move on to next set, same thing. blah blah blah.. here we go:

SET 1:
single arm push press (10 each arm)
weighted squats with kettlebell (i used 30 lb)

SET 2:
stability ball hip lift with march
so you’re in this position, but when you lift your hips you have to march your feet twice instead of lift the leg like this woman did
tricep pushups (with butt high in the air and bring your forehead toward the floor)

SET 3:
alternating lunges with stability ball overhead (10 each leg)
ball toss between legs and arms laying on floor

we had to do each one no matter what, but chose the order.

Run 1 lap
3 sets of stairs
10 box jumps
prowler push
prowler pull

CORE work because Suzi loves talking about bikini season:
plank on ball 30 sec x2
plank on ball while lifting each leg for however long it was
plank on ball, roll arms in and out

if any of us were to get out of plank position, we had to start over. didn’t happen. phew.

okay enough with exercise. on to my june goals. just because i like setting goals even if i never attain them.

1) Stop the nightly noshing. seriously.
i don’t know why the heck i binge eat so much at night. i eat a decent sized breakfast. i snack throughout the day. eat fairly nutritious meals. according to my livestrong daily plate, i am getting the required %’s and all the mumbo jumbo. why can’t i stop with the peanuts, crackers, ice cream, etc?
this is the biggest thing i struggle with by far. this is why i’m not where i want to be.
this is why sometimes i wake up feeling like i got hit by a train.
time to put this to a stop.
im so glad Jenny put these tips on her blog.

this goal is going to be my number one focus. i’ve got the exercise covered.

i think my personal problem with this is that i hang out at night in the living room which is less than 2 feet away from the kitchen and im bored. time to relocate & find something else to do. (HELLO, summer class you need to finish by july 15th!)

2) have more of a social life.
i have a lot of friends i hardly ever see and i hope this changes with my brand spankin’ new work schedule i created for myself. (yay for being at the top of the totem pole at jobs)

3) do cardio at least 3x a week
i hate cardio. loathe it in fact. my cardiovascular system needs some work.
maybe run? ugh the thought of running………

4) harry potter marathon
duh, why not?

5) take some “me” time at least once a week

there ya have it folks. welcome june.

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