watch out.

this post is about to be picture heavy.
and may contain pictures that will make you laugh at me because taking pictures of myself about to attack a strawberry and pretending to study for my online class seemed like a good idea at the time.
please tell me why i thought it was a good idea to schedule my first exam for my online class and not study for it until 2 hours before?
because i dominate at procrastination, that’s why. if could win an award at anything, i’d be the gold medal winner of procrastination.

enter: breakfast for the past few days.
Apple Cinna-chia egg white protein coconut damn this is a long title oats:
in the mix:
1/3 cup oats
1/3 cup almond milk
1/3  cup water
1 chopped green apple
cooked over stovetop for a few minutes
2 egg white stirred in at end along with copious amounts of cinnamon, teensy bit of vanilla
topped with:
1 tsp coconut
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp better n’ peanut butter

sure, you can come over for breakfast anytime.
BOBT [bring your own toppings, ill provide the cheap as dirt oats]

meet “my eyes are bigger than my stomach lunch”
do you think that stopped me from cleaning my plate?
heck to the no. no food goes to waste in this household.

1/2 sweet potato (microwaved) and topped with butter spray and cinnamon. just cause.
open faced boca burger. (1 vegan boca burger on top of 1/2 bagel thin topped with mozz cheese, ketchup, and mustard)
1/2 cup cottage cheese (because i pumped some iron before this lunch and needed that protein i think)….

ps i dont think ill be buying boca burgers anymore. i found out they use genetically engineered ingredients. will be making my own veggie burgers from now on. i don’t mind. i bet they’ll taste better anyway.

next up….buffalo chicken wrap. gasp.
i don’t even know why i even try making wraps. i stuff them too much so that i lose the point of making it a “wrap.” whatever. still tasted good.
1 la tortilla factory wrap [all time favorite kind.]
1 large handful of spinach
left over buffalo wild wings (1 hot bbq, 1 honey bbq, and 1 chipolte bbq] chopped
1/2 cup cottage cheese (must be my muscles craving it again)
mustard to bring down the spicy-ness a little
all plopped in the oven until the spinach wilted.
taste buds were very pleased with this lunch.

alright, so this next meal i followed a recipe for tex mex mac n cheese.
i wanted mexican. i wanted mac n cheese. why not put them together?
best invention ever.
here’s the recipe. you can thank me later.

the next four pictures i realize are just strawberries.
but hello? who doesn’t love strawberries?
i may or may not have bought a 5 lb package (ON SALE FOR $4.97!) the other day. i do not regret it.
my room-mate thinks im nuts.
i told her she could have some.
she has yet to dig into any. & they’re almost gone…..

i warned you.

oh and i apologize that i decided to take these pictures after just waking up without putting a comb through my hair.

maybe i should really study instead of pretend to…

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