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the great fitness experiment

i was awake before my 5:13 a.m. alarm clock this morning.
i would be shocked too if this hadn’t turned into an everyday occurrence.
my body has now officially adapted to getting up at the crack of dawn and while most would think i’m nuts, i enjoy getting up that early. it’s 8:30 a.m. and i feel on top of the world ready to tackle the rest of this day. watch out iowa city, im running after you today.

my monday to-do list because i know you guys care about what i have scheduled for today. *sarcasm* 😀 but it’s for my benefit to see if i actually get some things done:

  • clean kitchen, living room, & bedroom
  • go through my clothes and bag unwanted items to take to a thrift store
  • go for a leisurely stroll to hy-vee to pick up some spinach and whatever else i seem to go through in a matter of days..
  • work 1-5 [can’t exactly skip this one.]
  • while at work, since i sit at a desk for 4 hours, work on the employee schedule (yeah, i’m THAT important. haha. too bad i still give myself crappy hours) & make a communication binder for the departments
  • print ups shipping labels for my textbooks
  • find a new step routine for this thursday (or find a way to use the same without making it seem like it’s the same..)
  • use my magical powers lots of superglue and peroxide for my thumb wound & wrap it up tight
  • spend the remainder of night with some friends by playing games & enjoying each others company 🙂

quickly after this post, i will start that list. in order.

time for fitness talk.
Boot Camp 5/23:

Warm up: run 3 laps

Get into groups of two. One person will run laps while the other person does the following exercises until completed. Once completed, that person will tag the runner and they will switch.

10 burpees
10 seal jacks [funny looking jumping jacks.]
10 lunges (each leg)
10 push press [my barbell was heavy today. i think it was 40ish lbs]
10 tricep dips
10 t-push ups (push up then side plank, push up, other side)
10 ball slams [14 lb ball]
10 renegade rows
10 squats

we did this for a total of 40 ish minutes i believe.
then moved on to core work:

toe touches with 12 lb dumbbell – 30 sec x3
supermans [5 holds]
front plank – 30 sec

here’s a bad photo of my thumb covered in superglue. in the center, the knife hit bone. this better heal quick, because i can’t even open a bottle of water.

protein powered breakfast:

1 egg + 2 egg whites scrambled with cayenne pepper & oregano + 2 cups sauteed spinach mixed in and topped with 2 tbsp black bean and corn salsa & 1/8 cup shredded mozz

1/2 whole wheat bagel thin topped with 1/2 tbsp almond butter

something i came across today that i really really really would love to read: the great fitness experiment.


Body image and fitness are hot topics for both men and women. The Great Fitness Experiment is not a how-to guide but rather a fitness memoir in which Charlotte Hilton Andersen sifts through the morass of contradictory claims and information in today’s health- and fitness-obsessed world. Andersen tries a new workout each month for a year in an attempt to discover what works, what doesn’t, and what’s just plain weird. She delves into such subjects as the Action Hero Workout, Cross Fit Training, Going Vegan, Double Cardio, and others. Interspersed between the chapters on the monthly experiments, Andersen offers personal essays on everything from her past experiences with eating disorders to testing the ugliest fitness shoes on the planet to lesson about, as she puts it “what I’ve learned from being a girl in our body-obsessed culture.” She writes candidly about her history of anorexia, orthorexia, and “general-low-self-esteem-exia,” including anecdotes about the effects of the health craze on her students, friends, and gym buddies.

I would love to do something like this. Try something new every month to see how it affects me mentally and physically. I think a lot of the diet fads are a bunch of hocus pocus and would love to actually try them and journal my feelings and affects of doing each one. along with different fitness trends as well. this would be fun!

looks like i have a first book to read if i ever get to go to the beach. 😀 (iowa doesn’t really have a “beach”, but i suppose a lake with a small sandbar will do.)

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  1. Chris
    May 23, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    I definitely agree on the virtues of the early bird (Ben Franklin was on to something), and though I gravitate towards the night owl side I always feel far better having a sleep routine and rising with the sun. The circadian rhythm, melatonin release, etc. (stuff I know you’re keenly aware of with your psych studies) is no joke, and I always fight a losing battle when I try to slog through the wee hours only to be punished with a productivity-killing late morning and what I’d consider partial-credit for each hour slept (e.g. 3am-11am = feel terrible, 10am-6am = feel great). And yes, there’s something to be said about noticing it’s still early in the day yet knowing you’re already running at full steam and have begun whittling away at your exquisitely-prepared bullet-point checklist.

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