so obsessed with skylar grey’s voice. it’s so comforting & will probably put me to sleep tonight.
along with sia.
and andrew belle.
and joshua radin.
and ingrid michaelson.
love all my mellow, indie, acoustic, whatever you want to call them, feel good artists that make you wish could play their instruments and have a voice like theirs.

i wish so bad i could go see iron & wine on june 9th in des moines. but it’s a thursday night. i teach my class on thursdays. if i really wanted to, i could quickly drive right after..its quite the possibility.
iron and wine is amazing.
if you have never heard of them, please look them up. pure genius, he is.

this weekend has been an interesting one to say the least.
let’s recap, shall we? starting with after work yesterday..

  • fell asleep for almost 2 hours. tired much?
  • got up and made a quick lunch: tuna salad with lots of veggies inside a wrap & made protein bars to put in the freezer to “set up”
  • went back to sleep. seriously, tired much?
  • took bars out of freezer. tried to cut them and ended up puncturing my thumb in the process. i looked down, eyes wide open, saw bone and almost passed out. it didn’t hurt, but i think i was too shocked to feel pain.
  • panicked for 2.5 seconds
  • ran to the sink to run cold water over it. it continued to bleed.
  • cleaned my mess.
  • went to go babysit three girls who must’ve overdosed on sugar because they were so hyper i couldn’t keep up.
  • kept pressure on my thumb with paper towels the entire night.
  • parents came home (luckily work in the medical field) and glued by wound shut. we’ll see if it heals.
  • Sunday: work bright and early at the coffeeshop. not a lot of action today. pretty slow.
  • got “home” to mom & stepdad’s to do my weekly laundry load.
  • decided to waste life on reality television for an hour or so.
  • freaked out while there were tornado warnings going on.
  • felt better when the skies were blue again.
  • did a 45 minute treadmill walk. not run. just walk. with lots of “hills” this one to be exact. read a magazine while doing it.
  • got ready. re-bandaged my wound.
  • went back to the coffeeshop for a graduation party for one of my co-workers. ate lots of pasta & a red velvet cupcake the size of my fist. literally. didn’t regret it.
  • drove home & unloaded everything onto the floor of my bedroom.
  • ate a bowl of ice cream [no sugar added]. didn’t regret that either.
  • but probably will in bootcamp tomorrow.
  • sick of the bullet points yet? because i am.

im all tuckered out.
maybe i lost too much blood from my thumb incident, but i sure do feel loopy! mondays always energize me though…so im glad to start a new week.
i think i’m the only person on the planet that loves mondays.


they say holding on makes you strong, but i swear letting go takes all my strength.

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