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>i like it green.

> (photo courtesy of wearenotmartha.com)

yesterday was beautiful outside.
too bad i had to work.
and guess what? today is beautiful outside.
and i have to work.
hopefully it’s beautiful tomorrow because it’s the mall-to-mall run! 8.8 miles running from lindale mall to westdale mall. like i said earlier, i might have to walk it if my calf is giving me issues.
im taking a rest day today so im crossing my fingers that ill be ok.

i had a very refreshing lunch today. i decided to have a green monster smoothie! (my meal plan said salad, but that’s too hard to consume while working at the front desk at the gym so it looks more polite to drink my lunch instead of shoving food in my mouth while checking people in.)

in the smoothie:
1.5 cups of almond milk (52 cal)
1 large handful spinach (7 cal)
1 medium frozen banana (105 cal)
4 strawberries [i just picked up a pound for 99 cents!] (22 cal)
2 pumps of sugar free torani strawberry syrup (0 cal)
1 scoop vanilla whey protein (120 cal)
1 scoop ice

i topped it with a half cup of kashi good friends high fiber cereal (80 cal) and slurped the smoothie and let the cereal soak into it and ate it with a spoon!

this has kept me full for a good 3 hours already.
im also sipping on some chai green tea.
im all about the green today.

so i was reading Bobbi’s blog and thought that i should also incorporate a “spring into summer throw down” challenge!
52 days until the first day of summer (june 21st) and i feel that is the perfect time to really focus on some serious exercise and nutrition goals.

here are a list of my goals so far:
– drink more green tea
– limit coffee consumption to 1-2 cups per day
– eat more greens. at least once per day (whether it be smoothies, salads, or side dishes)
– do boot camp 3x a week (m, w, f mornings @ 6am)
– do yoga at least once a week. hot yoga if possible
– run, walk, or bike 30 minutes per day
– keep on drinking the large amounts of water
– take vitamins every day (CLA, B complex, and biotin)
– floss 2x per day and brush 2-3x per day (sometimes i forget at night!!)
– no more than 2-3 tbsp of nut butter a day

if i think of more, i will add to the list.

heres some other goals that do not involve exercise or nutrition:
– clean & organize apartment
– get rid of clothes that dont fit!
– make a hook for my keys (my room-mate always loses her keys)
– do other fun crafts
– use my crockpot!
– finish my online class (due july 15th! have barely started…)
– work on my continued goal of becoming a group fitness instructor

Tentative Schedule for upcoming week 5/1-5/7:
S: 8.8 Mile run(walk); Work @ Java 1-9:30pm
M: Bootcamp @ 6am; hot yoga @ 9am; work 1-5; practice step; STUDY
T: last day of human biology lab; bodycombat 8:30 am; practice step; work 5-10pm; STUDY
W: Bootcamp @ 6 am; hot yoga @ 9am; practice step; class 5-8:30pm; STUDY
Th: AUDITION @ 9:30am; Step N’ Tone (teach warmup and 1 combo) @ noon; Muscle Mix(teach step) @ 5:30pm; STUDY
F: Bootcamp @ 6am; work 1-5
Sat: work 7-11; bodyattack @ 11am; babysit 12:30pm

phew, busy week ahead of me thats for sure.

what are your goals?

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