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>eggs for breakfast never happens.

>i actually woke up to my 5:15 alarm this morning. every ounce of me wanted to keep sleeping, but i have to re-train my body to get up that early. it’s used to 6, but not that extra 45 minutes.
it probably didn’t help that i took a 2.5 hour nap yesterday, worked out until 8:30 pm, and didn’t finally crash until after 10:30pm.
also, i randomly woke up at 2:30 this morning wondering if it was time for me to get up. i think i heard birds chirping. maybe that was just my dream because it still feels like winter around here.
i can’t wait for the day i don’t have to wear a coat.
or turn the heat on in my car.
luckily it’s supposed to be a little better today, but the sun doesn’t want to show his face.

anyway, i got up & went to boot camp.
it was suzi’s day and she loves her core work.
“it’s bikini season soon!” is her reasoning. even though she focused on core a lot last session too.

today we did legs+core.

for legs we did 4 different exercises with 2 sets. first set was for 30 sec, second was 45 sec.

#1: squats w/ kettlebell (i used 20 lb)

shuffle 1 lap (switch direction half way through)

#2: alternating step-ups with 10 lb weights at side

shuffle 1 lap (switch direction half way through)

#3: single legged dead-lift w/ kettlebells

partner bear crawl (one person does bear crawl all the way down the track while the other person has a resistance band around your waist pulling the person doing the bear crawl)

#4: lunges with barbell (i had 25 lbs)

10 burpees in between each set

then we did it all over again!

suzi wasn’t my friend this morning.

and then we did core:
12 jack knifes each side
20 bicycle crunches each side
30 toe touches (10 normal, 10 with legs crossed each side)
10 scissors down and up
all x2

after laying on the track ready to heel over and die, i came home and made EGGS for breakfast.
this never happens.
i never crave eggs for breakfast.
maybe it was all the pumping iron that made me yearn for protein.
or that it’s on my meal plan for today.
either way, ill take it.
4 egg whites seasoned with paprika, garlic powder[not salt], basil, and pepper.
added a handful of spinach for added nutrients.

1 slice ezekiel bread with 1/2 tbsp natural pb
handful of candy. okay, vitamins.
these would be really bad tasting(and smell) candy.
CLA, thermogenic push, biotin, and vitamin b complex
CLA contains fatty acids and helps with keeping the fat off your hips, waist, and thighs (apparently.)
thermogenic push is to help with my fat burn.
biotin is a good vitamin for healthy hair, skin, and nails.
and vitamin b complex helps turn food into energy.
snack #1 (approximately 3.5 hours after breakfast):
20 baby carrots, 2 celery stalks, 1 tbsp hummus
gotta love veggies.
what’s funny is, my room-mate came into the kitchen as i was preparing this and said “you and your healthy shit.” haha made me smile.
at least im known for something good.

off to shower, read, and head to work.

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