>no this is not blood.
we decided on…
red velvet cupcakes!
i just wanted sprinkles. thats why i wanted to bake cupcakes. i only had one. surprisingly. did have a spoonful of cream cheese frosting though….
glad i decided to start my clean eating today and not yesterday.
or i would have failed in an hour.
except now i have these cupcakes staring at me in the face just feet away in the kitchen. saying EAT ME. well im not Alice from alice in wonderland…i have a little bit more self control than that.
hmph….except i have a problem. where the heck should i take the leftovers? seems rude to take them to the gym i work at. trash just seems wasteful..
i guess i can wait until sunday when i work at the coffeeshop. people there like cupcakes. who doesnt think sugary sweets goes well with coffee? crazy people, that’s who.

on to my lunch.
my freezer is so stocked that i feel like my refrigerator is just going to stop working one day. so i thought i should probably use something out of there to incorporate my lunch.
and i came up with ground beef. because i also want to get rid of that in hopes of never buying it again. i dont even like beef, wtf?

but after a hard sweat sesh (half step, half strength again)..meat didn’t sound so bad.
hopefully my stomach doesn’t yell at me.
i went with a midwest specialty. maid-rites.
if you’ve never heard of them, its essentially a loose meat sandwich. i diced up some onions to brown with the lean beef and seasoned it with onion powder, garlic powder, and paprika.
put it on a whole wheat bagel thin, with some low sugar ketchup, mustard, mozz cheese, a mushroom, and romaine lettuce.
definitely have to eat maid-rites with a fork, p.s.

on the side i had leftover sweet potato that i roasted yesterday.
1000 times better than any fast-food lunch. mcdonalds aint got nothin’ on me.

oh! i forgot to mention that ashton kutcher was in iowa city the other day. (he’s originally from cedar rapids, iowa..which is where i’m from too)
too bad i missed him! ugh people in my classes were talking about it all day….
i hate when i miss something exciting like that.
plus, it doesnt help that im a little obsessed with the guy.

okay…so far for my eat clean plan

breakfast: 1/3 cup oats, 1 tbsp nut butter, 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 banana
24 oz water (1 liter)
2 cups black coffee

morning snack: 1 pear
24 oz water (16 oz w/ lemon) – 1 liter

lunch: maid-rite & 1/2 sweet potato

1 1/3 grain servings
1/3 fat serving
2 protein servings
1.5 fruit serving
1 cup vegetable serving


afternoon snack: 2 dried dates

dinner: 2 eggs, 1 cup spinach, sprinkle of feta cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, yellow squash

evening snacks: 2 no bake cake balls, spoonful of cream cheese frosting (AHH), yogurt w/ granola and strawberries

protein: success
vegetables: success
fruit: success
fat: probably success
grains: almost

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